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lols (1156) dumbass (647) booze (555) doin' it (208) ow (202) drugs (135) that's gross (96) hahahaha (92) THATS GROSS (81) puke (80) FUCK YEAH (74) lolwut (62) vodka (49) it's funny cus it didn't happen to me (46) the law (40) career decisions (39) you're an idiot (33) what the fuck (32) sadlols (31) ew (30) poordecisions poor decision (29) blackout (26) gross (26) poop (26) hahahahaha (25) beer (24) please tell me you're a girl (24) what the fuck? (24) pot (23) TEQUILA (23) what is this i don't even (23) hahaha (22) doin' it with mouth (20) hammertime (19) slut (19) acid (18) gay (18) unedited (18) oops (18) awesome (17) how is babby formed (17) its funny cus it didnt happen to me (17) shrooms (17) what the fuck is wrong with you (16) holy fucking ow (15) aww what a drag dude (14) OH GOD WHY (14) seriously what the fuck (13) wow. just wow. (13) BONUS RESULT (12) daww crap apples (12) (12) birthdaying pretty hard (11) dollars (11) poordecisions poor decisions (11) doin' it right (10) hahahahahaha (10) i love bonus results (10) naked (10) school (10) there's a party in my pants. and urine... (10) you're a fucking idiot (10) booze induced amnesia (9) doin' it with members of an unintended gender (9) doin' it with unintended members of a family (9) family matters (9) relationshits (9) video games (9) doin' it with self (9) academic decisions (8) Captain's (8) doin' it in public (8) wine (8) wtf (8) Four Loko (8) WHAT THE FUCK WHY (8) drivin drunk...classic (7) FIRE (7) fucking ow (7) rum (7) this makes no sense (7) you're my hero (7) FOREVER ALONE (7) lols (7) tl;dr (7) awkward (6) destruction of property (6) doin' it for money (6) DUI (6) Happy Booze Year (6) lol (6) surprisingly not Pope (6) wat (6) where the fuck did I put my house (6) whiskey (6) that's awesome (6) are you... retarded? (6) PD FLAME FEST '11 (6) blood (5) boobies (5) DON'T LOOK AT MY DICK (5) drunk (5) Everclear (5) haha retard (5) homo (5) hospital (5) i am truley sorry for your lots (5) idiot (5) inanimate objects know how to treat a girl in bed (5) NO GRANDMA ITS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE (5) that's fucking gross (5) what is this i dont even (5) unintended gay orgy (5) OW MY DICK (5) public service announcements from poordecisions.net (5) what a drag dude (5) WINNING (5) THREESOME (5) absinthe (4) ALL OF THE DRUGS (4) AMERICA FUCK YEAH (4) BOOBS (4) butthurt (4) doin' it and hoping you didn't (4) ecstasy (4) fat (4) fuck pants (4) get back to us with the details when you find them out (4) holes (4) holy shit (4) Jack (4) nerd shit (4) OH NO ITS THE COPS (4) parenting award? (4) probably booze induced (4) probably should've seen that one coming (4) should i not have done that? (4) that's fucked up. seriously. (4) unexplained drunk injuries (4) weed (4) where the fuck is my me (4) whiskey richard (4) WOW (4) you're kinda a slut (4) douchebags (4) that sucks (4) ALL OF THE BOOZE (4) holy fucking shit (4) poordecisions poordecision (4) dumbass (4) THIS DIDN'T HAPPEN (4) not doin' it (4) why would you do that (4) POOPIN (4) you're a retard (4) benadryl (3) BONUSE RESOLT (3) BUSHES (3) don't question it just run and don't ever tell anyone...oh wait too late you told the internet (3) FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (3) fuck you (3) gin (3) hangover (3) hookers (3) i don't actually believe any of this (3) i hope to god you're a girl (3) I love bonuse results (3) injury (3) is this real life? (3) Jack Daniels (3) lightweight (3) looks like you peed your pants; although technically i guess you did (3) moneydollars (3) ow my butt (3) pee (3) peein (3) PoorDecisions is never a poor decision (3) retard (3) serious dumbassery (3) so I'm guessing those just plain weren't your friends at all (3) somebody actually submitted this (3) someone actually posted this (3) sports (3) stalking (3) that's depressing (3) THATS AWESOME (3) tryin' to doin' it (3) ur pore (3) WAIT NO LOOK AT MY DICK (3) WHATS A VAGINA LOOK LIKE? (3) where the fuck did i put my me (3) you kinda deserved that (3) JAGERBOMBS (3) doin' it (3) OH GOD (3) CAFFEINE (3) videogames (3) this sounds like a healthy relationship if I've ever seen one (3) drivin drunk -- classic (3) you're an asshole (3) doin' it with unintended members of your family (3) seriously? (3) i am truly sorry for your lots (3) what the fuck is wrong with you? (3) PD1K (3) passing out (3) booze? (3) first world problems (3) vidja games (3) bahahaha (3) nerds (3) 'merica (2) alcohol poisoning (2) all aboard the failboat (2) are you still drunk? (2) birthdays (2) BONUSE RESULT (2) brotherly love (2) Bud Diesel (2) burns (2) camping (2) cars (2) cold (2) college (2) CONDOMS FEEL WEIRD (2) conversing with the inanimate (2) did you go down to the airport bar again I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM THERE (2) distinct lack of doin' it (2) doin' it in the wrong hole (2) doin' it with finger (2) doin' it with members of both genders (2) drinking games (2) epic (2) exaggerating how much you drank (2) facebook (2) fap (2) FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU (2) flip flip flipadelphia (2) flippy floppys (2) food (2) frosty fuckin stole my wallet (2) fuck arizona (2) fuck cabbies (2) fuck papers (2) Fuck that guy (2) fuck your boss. literally. (2) gettin' some (2) getting hit by an ice cream truck (2) goin' both ways (2) GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL (2) herpes (2) how the fuck? (2) how to birthday? (2) I JUST WANTED TO BE BLACK OKAY (2) I need an adult (2) I thought camping meant drinking (2) IS THAT SEXTING (2) it hurts when i pee (2) it's okay we're here for you (2) itchy (2) ITS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE GRANDMA (2) jager (2) jello shots (2) kinda sadlols? (2) kings (2) knives are friends (2) loss of property (2) mushrooms (2) New Jersey (2) None of what you just said makes any sense...can I have some weed (2) oh no oh no oh no OH YEAHHHH (2) omnomnom (2) ouch (2) pee pants (2) phone (2) probably booze (2) public urination (2) putting the ex back in sex (2) RAMEN? I LOVE RAMEN (2) rape (2) rhum (2) ruit (2) salvia (2) same guy as last time (2) scotch (2) shits crazy (2) shots (2) sick (2) sleep is for the weak (2) SMRT (2) soco (2) SON/DAUGHTER I AM DISAPPOINT (2) STD's (2) stupid bitch (2) stupid idiot (2) surprisingly not booze (2) surprisingly not Chris (2) that sounds gross (2) that's enough LeBoeuf (2) that's fucking awesome (2) THATS RACIST (2) theft (2) this is probably fake but i don't care (2) this is stupid (2) urine (2) vegas (2) WAL-MART (2) we're laughing at you not with you (2) welcome to hangover town; population: you (2) welp (2) you're kind of a dick (2) you're not that clever are you? (2) you're still my hero (2) your life sucks (2) I WANNA FLYYYYYYY (2) indecent exposure (2) girls are not to be trusted (2) how the fuck (2) glad we could help (2) building relationships at poordecisions.net (2) why are you talking like a persian immigrant (2) you can't lie to a drunk girl (2) 151 (2) public intoxication (2) porn (2) oh sweet statutory (2) THE CLAP (2) assplosion (2) I don't believe you (2) open bar (2) I don't know what that means (2) prostitution (2) MEXICO (2) doin' it with members of an unintended generation (2) you're gross (2) doin' it with hand (2) keepin' it in the family (2) seriously that's fucking gross (2) fucking idiot (2) drivin' drunk -- classic (2) you're a dick (2) doin' it on film (2) unintended threesome (2) I LIKE TURTLES (2) THATS GROSS (2) booze (2) doin' it with mouth (2) what is this i don't even (2) best way to meet your new mommy (2) vehicular manslaughter (2) awww (2) drugs? (2) stalkers love vaginas (2) makin' a porno (2) AWAKE (2) playing with fire (2) bitches be crazy (2) doin' it with guys (2) surprise buttsex (2) poor decisions poor decision (2) it's funny cus it's true (2) jerk (2) cwayne@poordecisions.net (2) you got beat up by a girl (2) doin' it with fatties (2) ow ow ow ow (2) uhhhh WHAT (2) you're a stupid fuck (2) how is babby formed? (2) uhhh (2) i hope this is true (2) fuck that bitch (2) CLUBBIN (2) stds (2) buttsex (2) OH NOES (2) sexytime (2) http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=173485049363865 (2) search for BONUSE RESOLT on Facebook to find the event page (2) let's make a thousand more (2) pokemon (2) please stop submitting (2) WHYYYYYYYY (2) restraining orders (2) THE TALE OF THE THREE PATRICKS (2) shit (2) OW MY ME (2) booze induced lesbianism (2) you're retarded (2) 21st birthday (2) THAT'LL SHOW YOU (2) how the fuck did that happen (2) FALCON PUNCH (2) keepin it in the family (2) stalker (2) bikes (2) you are the worst kind of person (2) are you like 12? (2) like a boss (2) someone actually submitted this (2) what the fuck does that even mean (2) didn't happen (2) no seriously I just threw up in my mouth a little (2) awww what a drag dude (2) lols dumbass (2) redheads (2) i don't get it (2) GRANDMA NO (2) that's how it works (2) your friends suck and you're a retard GOOD DAY SIR (2) what are you 13? (2) prince albert (2) sounds about right (2) dickhurt (2) ain't that some shit (2) everything went better than expected (2) . poordecisions poor decisions (2) you're smart (2) you fought the law and you lost (2) PARTYIN PARTYIN YEAH (2) your life fucking sucks (2) why would you do that? (2) this is the correct method to 21st birthday. (2) i see what you did there (2) I like how this turned out (2) u mad bro? (2) THREEWAY (2) doin' it wrong (2) yes you are (2) GRANDMA NOOOOOOOO (2) did just fuck a dog. (2) fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu (2) doin' it with members of the same gender (2) You're welcome. (2) daww crapapples (2) haaaaaaaaaaa (2) HAHAHA OH WOW (2) doin' it with EVERYONE (2) trollface.jpg (2) ...what the fuck (2) what. the. fuck. (2) ALL THE DRUGS (2) JESUS CHRIST (2) literally (2) "how did i do it." (1) .....did you fuck a dog? (1) ...and? (1) 100% chance this is pete (1) 21st birthdays are the devil (1) 2nd base (1) 3 dollars charles (1) 4 rum (1) 58? you mean like over the course of an entire month? (1) 8 hours of drinking (1) :/ (1) a barrelful of beer (1) a distinct absence of booze (1) a serious case of the pregnancy (1) a true American love story (1) A+ PARENTING (1) abuse (1) actually sounds kinda awesome (1) ADVENTURE MODE UNLOCKED! (1) aim for the toilet next time instead of inside your pants (1) albino (1) alchole (1) all my friends are asshole (1) ALL THE BOOZES (1) almost aflame (1) almost doin' it (1) also why the fuck was there just $200 in your backyard? (1) always do sober what you said you'd do drunk -- that'll teach you to keep your mouth shut (1) always the last place you look (1) amesbury sucks anyway (1) Amsterdam (1) an outcome of events contrary to what was or might have been expected (1) And also too as well (1) angry swan (1) angry wife (1) any contest between two guys inevitably equates to a penis contest (1) are you living in a van down by the river? (1) ARE YOU PIERCE BROSNAN?!?? I LOVED YOU IN MARS ATTACKS (1) are you sure it was a homeless WOMAN?! (1) are you sure you're not dead? (1) are you... a dog? (1) arrest (1) asians are wonderful (1) ASPLODING ROCKS (1) asshole (1) asthma attack (1) astronauts love the Mississippi (1) at least it was lemony fresh (1) at least you can still tend to your herd either way (1) at least you decided to put in contacts instead of masturbate; could've been worse (1) at least you have fresh breath? (1) at least your allergies were in check (1) ATM Machine Machine (1) babies are dumb anyway (1) bachelor party (1) backpacks are stupid anyway (1) bad hangover is bad (1) bad penis! no booty! very bad penis! (1) bangin (1) bars (1) BATHTIME (1) beach booze (1) beach club (1) because who doesn't go hang out an airport? (1) bein a guy doin guy things (1) being able to spell (1) being baked alive (1) being spooned against your will (1) being teabagged is not a life lesson about drinking (1) being the prettiest lady at the ball (1) Benadryl isn't for headaches (1) bestiality (1) betty draper (1) beware of the corn children (1) big melons (1) BIKE LAUNCHER YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH (1) biting ankles (1) blind (1) bloody nose (1) BLUE DRANK (1) boats 'n hoes (1) boner dance? (1) boobs are friends don't be mean to them like that (1) booze race: your friend won (1) booze-induced transportation (1) BOY YOU GUYS MUST HAVE BEEN TIRED TO SLEEP FOR THREE WHOLE DAYS! (1) boyfriends are gay anyway (1) BRAH (1) brandy (1) broken glass (1) burritos... mmmm (1) bus (1) bus seats are hard to do (1) buses (1) but poo comes from there (1) buy my shit (1) buying stuff you can't afford is the American way (1) bye bye fido (1) cabbie was pissed (1) cabbies suck (1) call an ambulance (1) calling the cops? man the building should've just peed right back on you (1) camelbak (1) can't hold liquor (1) cant fap cos every time i try i hear me mum saying my name (1) car issues (1) car trouble (1) CARLTON DANCE (1) cars are for quitters anyway (1) cause and effect? what's that? (1) CEILING PUNCHER?! (1) celebrate good times COMEON (1) cheap booze sucks (1) chicks dig lightning strike victims (1) chilli (1) CHILLI CHEEEESE (1) chocolate (1) christmas (1) CHRONIC WHAT CLES OF NARNIA (1) church (1) cigars (1) civilian dream? (1) class reunions (1) club (1) cobra commander (1) COCAINE (1) condoms (1) COOFFEEEEEEEEE (1) cool guys don't look at explosions (1) corona (1) corpses (1) could have been a lot worse; he could've arrested you (1) country (1) couples are stupid anyway (1) CRADLE YOUR PINEAPPLE (1) CRASH (1) crawling with only your shoulders? what the fuck does that even mean (1) creepy brothers (1) creepy family (1) crying crying and more crying (1) crystal Mexicans (1) cunty (1) daddy doesnt love me (1) daddy issues (1) DAMNIT MY CAT (1) DE PLANE DE PLANE (1) dead phone (1) dead rabbits (1) dear diary: jackpot (1) death (1) deer hate cars; everyone knows that (1) despair (1) deutchbags (1) devil's three-way (1) dickface ...literally (1) did someone draw a huge dick on your back or was there just one sitting there when you woke up? (1) did the goalie KO you with his balls? in your mouth? (1) did they at least like hose it down by then? (1) did this come from Woll Smoth? (1) did you blow the neighbor? (1) did you catch it? (1) did you drink alone on a giant dirt pile? sweet Saturday night (1) did you eat out the window too before you broke it? (1) did you ever find your sister again? (1) DID YOU HURT HER (1) did you not notice someone stealing your beer because there were balls in your face? (1) did you pull the sword out of the stone? metaphorically? by sword i mean dick. (1) did you put something special in that soda after you bought it? (1) DINOSAUR FLAVORED CHICKEN NUGGETS!!! (1) dinosaurs evolved into chickens. here is your proof. (1) ditches are the best places to wait out storms (1) dividing by zero - never a good idea (1) do racehorses really have to pee that much? (1) do you mean flip cup (1) do you mean like it bit the end of your dick or like after you tried to ... you know what nevermind I'm just gonna go throw up now (1) do-it-yourself (1) does 1am come twice a day now? (1) does that mean I'm going to hell? (1) does this rag smell like chloroform to you? (1) doesnt she have a fucking bed? (1) doin it with members of the unintended gender (1) doin' it academically (1) doin' it in front of unintended people (1) doin' it in the bathroom (1) doin' it over the phone (1) doin' it sadly (1) doin' it when you shouldn't be (1) doin' it with fridge (1) doin' it with GROSS DISEASES (1) doin' it with members of an unintended age group (1) doin' it with members of an unintended family (1) doin' it with members of an unintended race (1) doin' it with old people (1) doin' it with sex toys and other stuff (1) doin' it with unintended body parts (1) doin' it... with YOURSELF (1) doin' it...i think? (1) doin't it with members of an unintended gender (1) doin't it with members of an unintended species (1) doing it right (1) dome (1) don't lie you totally wanted those subscriptions (1) don't trust whitey (1) don't worry...we'll take REAL good care of her... (1) DRAUGHT KEG (1) drink like a fishes (1) drinking too much (1) driving (1) driving drunk - classic (1) drugs probably (1) drunk dial (1) drunk dialing (1) drunk off face (1) drunk voicemails (1) dual birthdays == dual fun (1) duck pond (1) DUDE SERIOUSLY I'M A DUDE DUDE (1) dude you got raped (1) dwi (1) e (1) early game (1) eating out his fridge (1) eggs (1) elderly grandmother (1) embarrassment (1) emotional retards (1) English teachers need lovin too (1) epic fail (1) epic hangovers (1) Even the bartender left the bar looking for me (1) everclear - always a good decisions (1) EVIL (1) ex is just sex without the s (1) exams (1) excuse me for a moment while I enter...space (1) explosions (1) eyece cubes (1) familiar bare asses (1) fapping (1) far too much tequila (1) fat asian? (1) fat Chinese guy (1) fat ghost in a wheelchair (1) fat people (1) fat Tinkerbell (1) Fenway (1) FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU (1) FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (1) firefighters (1) flippy floppy (1) flyin' in style (1) foil (1) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY HIS ANUS IS BLEEDING (1) frat guys aren't real guys anyway (1) free as in beer truck (1) free entertainment for drivers (1) free shit's not really free (1) freshmans (1) fridgeosexuality (1) FRIEND REQUESTS MAKE ME FEEL LOVED (1) friends don't let friends drive over friends (1) friends helping friends (1) FUCK 3D I LIVE IN 4D (1) fuck car windows (1) fuck carpets anyway (1) fuck chicks i just wanna play with my cars (1) fuck cows (1) fuck dishes (1) fuck hiking (1) fuck lightning IMA DRINK (1) fuck medicine it's all lies (1) fuck my girlfriend while drunk (1) fuck neighbors (1) fuck neighbors anyway (1) fuck sailor jerry (1) fuck somerville (1) fuck that bird bath (1) fuck that engagement (1) fuck these pants gimme a knife (1) FUCK WILDLIFE (1) FUCK YEAH LLAMAS (1) fuck you I really am invincible (1) FUCK YOU OCEAN (1) fuckin vodka (1) fucking it "she" (1) fugly (1) GAMEBOY IS AWESOME (1) gametime decisions are the best time for decisions (1) gator surfing (1) gee thank you (1) gender confusion (1) German Shepherd Riding (1) GET IN THE TRUNK (1) get some better eyes (1) gettin' e'rybody all wet (1) getting layed (1) getting run over (1) getting up early never helped anyone (1) GIMME DESE ARTS (1) gin tastes like pine trees (1) girl has got a lot of best friends (1) girls just don't understand (1) GLOW STICKS ARE RAD DUDE (1) GO WITH THE FLOW (1) god I hate you (1) going home on your feetsies (1) GOOD POOP DOGGIE (1) good thing your friend was there to get him warmed up (1) GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAnevermind (1) gosh darn it all!!! (1) great siblings (1) GREEN LIGHT GO (1) green light RED LIGHT (1) grossly long leghairs (1) haha dad sucks (1) haha fun day though (1) haha now you're poor (1) HAHA YOURE OLDER THAN I (1) HAHAHA YOU POOPED YOURSELF (1) half a guitar (1) hall of fame (1) Halloween parties = pain (1) hammered drunk (1) hangover avoidance protocol engaged (1) HANS MOLEMAN (1) harry potter (1) hat o' puke (1) he birthdayed pretty hard for you (1) he doesn't know! (1) he had to learn somehow (1) he probably had it coming (1) HE'S DEAD! (1) he's lying and thinks you're a slut (1) heater (1) HEELP IM A DEER AND IM MELTING (1) help my life is all over the floor (1) her and her son are close (1) her baby had a baby (1) here have these DRUGS (1) here let me just grab a beer OH FUCK THERES PEE IN IT (1) HERE TRY THIS PILL COCKTAIL WITH PILLS IN IT (1) HERE'S MY GOODBYE PRESENT: BLAAARGH (1) heroin (1) HEY GUYS ITS JI (1) HEY LOOK FREE PORN (1) hey when you're tired you're tired (1) hey where'd my bike go? (1) hi pete (1) high school is pretty much hell already anyway (1) hitchhiking (1) holidays are for drinking (1) HOLY FUCK an automobile (1) HOLY SHIT A ALIEN (1) holy shit the police have cloaking devices now? (1) HOMERUN! (1) horse mask (1) HORSECOPS (1) hot damn (1) hot wheels (1) HOT WHEELZ (1) hotel (1) houses are for squares anyway (1) how are those things related? (1) how are you typing this? with your mind? (1) HOW DID I GET HERE (1) how do i penis? (1) how little of a brother? (1) HOW MOVE? (1) how the fuck could you zip pants inside out (1) how the fuck did I get here? (1) how the fuck did you hit the roof? (1) how the fuck did you piss her off that much? (1) HOW TO DRIVE CAR? (1) how to shoot a bow? (1) how to yell at people in techno? (1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSjlHghGKrE (1) huge penis drawn on you (1) HUGS (1) hummus is gross anyway (1) I accidentally a trip (1) I accidentally swimming (1) I admire your committment to community service (1) I AM AN OCCIFER OF THE LAW GIMME YOURS IDS (1) I AM ZEUS (1) i bet it was password (1) i bet that fridge had it comin (1) i bet they didn't wash their hands (1) I bet your boyfriend liked that (1) I can't even figure out what that's supposed to mean (1) i don't actually know what any of this means (1) i don't believe any of this (1) I don't believe in a lot of things but I believe in duct tape (1) i don't believe this but it's too awesome not to post (1) I don't blame him either way. Although I guess he got off easier on this one (1) i don't even know (1) I don't get it booze is supposed to fix everything (1) I don't get the joke (1) i don't know what any of that means (1) i don't know what blue dolphin is (1) I don't know what to make of this. (1) I don't know which part of this is more illegal (1) I don't think that was really a decision... (1) I don't think there's really a RIGHT way to land when you jump off a roof (1) i don't think this really happened (1) I don't understand how these are all related (1) I don't want to shake your hand ever (1) I FEEL LIKE SHIT (1) I feel like that's going to be the last time you're getting paid for (1) I GOT HIT BY A BASEBALL (1) i guess that means you puked on them?... colorfully? (1) I guess the point here is... be a dick? (1) I have so many questions that I don't want answered. (1) I hope that video was actually you (1) I hope the single remaining sock was on the opposite foot as the single remaining shoe (1) i hope to god this is fake (1) i hope you broke her face (1) i hope you broke his face harder (1) i just wanted to smell like an axe (1) I keep changing revision to studying so it makes sense to everyone (1) I know for a fact he didn't mean the sugary drink HUGS (1) I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU OKAY? (1) I like that your first response was to buy beer (1) I like to imagine that he did it on purpose as some sort of revenge tactic (1) i literally only posted this cus you used the word shwasted (1) I love bonuse resolts (1) I need to go to Vancouver soon (1) i only posted this cus you referred to it as 'one's' roof instead of 'your' roof (1) i puked (1) i remember being 12 too (1) i sincerely doubt this (1) I sincerely doubt you had self respect before this (1) i think he wants to fuck you (1) I THINK I SEE SOME CORN! DEFINITELY CORN (1) I think this makes you the mayor now (1) I thought that said club of weed at first and that seemed like an impressive feat (1) i thought that was about std's (1) I want my mommy lol (1) I want to make an Anne Frank joke but I think it would offend people (1) i want to peeeeeeeeeeee (1) I wanted to make a gay joke here but I thought it would offend people (1) i was a astronaught (1) i wouldn't move to new jersey either (1) i'd be pissed off at you too (1) I'm here for the teabag? ...tea party? ...teabag? (1) I'm imagining this entire scenario as though it is a 90's commercial for a retarded slip n slide (1) i'm only posting this cus i hate cabbies (1) I'm really worried as to why it was relevant that it was with your uncle (1) I'm Superman (1) identity theft (1) if she's hot it just means you won the breakup (1) if the rental car's a rockin...there's probably a bunch of people having sex inside. (1) if you catch it you can keep it (1) if you were playing FarmVille you're not welcome here anymore (1) if your friend was a girl and you were trying to get her to sleep in your bed then you're doin' it wrong (1) IM A DRAGON (1) IM A POLICES OCCIFER (1) IM A PRETTY GIRL (1) IM A PRETTY UNICORN (1) im gonna go throw up now (1) IM JESUS AND I SHOULD BE NAKED OKAY (1) IM MISSING A WINDOW (1) IM NOT DRUNK I SWEAR (1) im not even mad (1) im not indecisive am i? i don't know (1) IM SCARED NOW (1) in the closet metaphorically or literally? (1) IN THE FACE (1) inappropriately timed sleep (1) Indiana Jones and the Crystal Mexican was a terrible movie (1) inedible (1) inexplicably in Fenway (1) initiation (1) intertainment? THAT SOUNDS AWESOME (1) invasion of personal space (1) involuntary facial reconstruction (1) involved in conga lines (1) iphones are gay anyway (1) is "skiny dipping in a puddle" a metaphor for how small your penis is? (1) is it cold in here? (1) is that a euphemism? (1) is that like regular vodka? (1) is that some sort of sex act? (1) it almost worked (1) IT BURNS WHEN I PEE (1) it was probably a goblin (1) IT'S FUCKING COLD (1) it's funny cause you're wrong (1) it's funny cus it has happened to me (1) it's not beer pong it's beirut stupid (1) it's not every day I get to make a eurotrip reference (1) it's okay (1) IT'S OKAY WE CAN STILL SAVE IT NOOOOOOO (1) it's okay you were probably very courteous and kind and appropriate on those calls (1) ITS CONSTRUCTION TIME BITCHES (1) its just a fat kid (1) its like your crotch is a beach (1) ITS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE (1) its ok cus shes really hot (1) jackass (1) Jagerovers are the worst kind of hangovers (1) jail (1) JESUS HATES YOU (1) Jesus?!? no thanks (1) jetski (1) job (1) john handpenis (1) jolly splendid (1) jorny is like horny but fuck keyboards (1) jumping off a roof: always a good decision (1) just tryin' to make an honest living (1) KACHUNK (1) keg (1) keyboard solo; JJ ABRAMS! (1) keys (1) KILL THE FRIDGE (1) lacrosse balls (1) learned that fucker good (1) lesbians (1) LET THEM EAT URINAL CAKES (1) let's be honest you didn't have any dignity to begin with (1) LETS RACE (1) LIES (1) life of the party (1) lil baldy (1) liquid courage (1) liquor is quicker (1) listing to your friends (1) lives are stupid anyway (1) livin' the high life (1) living with parents is AWESOME RIGHT (1) locked doors are just challenges (1) LOL OH HI WE SHOULD BE FRIENDS (1) LOLlipop (1) lols doin' it (1) long lines at the DMV: SURPRISE! (1) long naps (1) LOOK BEHIND YOU ITS FIDEL CASTRO (1) lost in the woods (1) lots of puking (1) LOUD NOISES (1) ma'am you can't park your van there... oh wait (1) mac and/or cheese (1) makin all kinds of friends (1) MAKING GOOD IMPRESSIONS (1) making out requires a certain age group (1) making your dick sad (1) making your own apple sauce (1) making your own fun (1) malternatives (1) many alcoholic beverages? that doesn't sound like this site (1) mark whalberg is wearing a hat (1) marriage requirements (1) Martin Luther Booze (1) math (1) maybe he was really just a marine biologist (1) maybe poop (1) maybe urine (1) maybe you had something hilarious stuck to your face (1) me pucking (1) meh (1) memories are for pussies anyway (1) messy (1) metal (1) midnight surprise (1) MIHF:mom i have fucked (1) MILF (1) mistacks (1) mm these are good (1) molestation (1) MOM COME GET ME WHERE I AM THAT IS HERE OH GOD (1) mommy I had an accident (1) moneys (1) more like driveway burn (1) more like hooker-up (1) motherfuckers (1) motherfucking vodka on this motherfucking plane (1) mouse (1) movies (1) moving is pain (1) moving sucks anyway (1) mowing the lawn: dangerous for your junk (1) Mr. Bread (1) muggings (1) murphys law (1) music (1) my naked ass (1) nap (1) NAPTIME (1) National Art Appreciation Night (1) nature is nature's toilet (1) navy housing (1) nerd (1) never have i ever (1) never have i ever been chased out of a hospital (1) new jersey sucks (1) New Jersey sucks the life out of all those who encounter it (1) New Year's (1) newcastle is never a poor decision (1) nice shoes wanna fuck? (1) nice try (1) Nice try doppelganger. Save it for queen Dopplepopolis (1) nipple pinch (1) nite? really? (1) no booze? wtf (1) no booze?! (1) NO FUNNY... BLOOD (1) NO I JUST ATE SOME BAD SHELLFISH OKAY (1) no seriously I AM an iguana (1) nobody actually wants to hear the truth (1) none of that...finger stuff (1) nose period (1) not funny (1) not much of a gay night apparently; sounds pretty straight to me (1) not really a random person's bathroom at all (1) not really at all a poor decision actually (1) not surprisingly Brazil (1) not surprisingly Chicago (1) not surprisingly from a webOS user (1) not surprisingly from the Pre (1) not surprisingly Scott (1) not surprisingly Texas (1) nothing but socks (1) now we're just going to ridicule you even more (1) now you know what your future holds (1) NU is still better than BU (1) o and an industryal (1) o-bomb-a (1) obvious (1) obvious progression (1) obviously her fault for making you drink (1) Oedipal Complex? (1) OFFICER PLEASE HELP ME THE BAHA MEN ARE HERE (1) OH CANADA (1) Oh EDward (1) OH FUCK (1) OH HEY CHOCOLATE oh wait (1) OH MAN LOOK AT ME IM COYOTE UGLY (1) Oh man you time traveled wow (1) OH NO ITS THE COPS oh wait no its not (1) OH NO ITS THE ZOMBIES AGAIN (1) oh no my phone is broken what will I do (1) OH NO NOT THE BEER (1) OH SHI- (1) oh well (1) oh what a night (1) oj (1) old people (1) old people sex (1) old people suck (1) omg you hooked-up with your hook-up how odd (1) on driveway (1) on the freezer? (1) ONLY TWO BEERS? YOU P-- oh shit venom? (1) oops i ripped my pants (1) other people doin' it (1) out priceless (1) overexaggerating how much you drank (1) OW FUCK A CACTUS (1) party barbecue (1) partying hard (1) passing out in the woods (1) passing the fuck out (1) paying for drinks is for losers anyway (1) peein in the pool (1) peeing in her sink? is that a euphemism? (1) peppermint schnapps (1) philawareapragacago (1) phillipenis (1) pike (1) pills (1) pimps (1) pitcher wins (1) playtime IS funtime (1) plots are for douches anyway (1) plus drugs (1) points for accuracy (1) pokemon?.... pokemon? (1) pole fall down (1) police (1) political commentary (1) POOPTIME (1) poor (1) poor night vision (1) pop is like soda but spelled wrong (1) pope likes guys (1) potential lesbian sex (1) potential pedophilia (1) potential rape victim (1) pretty sure my foots still broken (1) probably a booze induced decision (1) probably doin' it (1) probably ow (1) probably should've kept that one locked up in the vault (1) probably Texas (1) profitable lawnmowing (1) protecting your investments (1) psychos (1) public poopin' (1) public toilet (1) public vomit (1) puddin' pops (1) puke makes for a shitty blanket (1) puking on a carny's shoe (1) puking up your new pet (1) putting the 'masturbating to' back in 'ex' (1) putting the 'sex' back in 'sexual misconduct in the workplace' (1) putting the ex in I'm not wearing pants (1) putting the ex in restraining order (1) putting the ex in sex (1) putting the marriage back in ex (1) putting the sex back in old friends (1) pysch ward (1) RAAAAAAAAAAAGE (1) rave (1) real men drink tequila (1) receding hairline (1) recipe for disaster (1) relationship decisions (1) reliving childhood (1) rhum is like rum but more emphasis on the rhum (1) RI sucks (1) ring of fire (1) rock band (1) rockin' out (1) ROCKS DONT WANT ANYTHING (1) ronery (1) rotini (1) RRRRRRRRR (1) RUN (1) sad (1) sadlols but still lols (1) salvia is better than 3d glasses (1) sangria (1) satan (1) satan sure does pee alot (1) SCHIZO (1) school is for quitters (1) school kills (1) seriously all three of you are dumbasses (1) seriously what the fuck is snarfing? (1) she probably gave good head cus she was hungry (1) Shelly (1) shirts are overrated if you're a girl (1) shit dude shiiit (1) shitpants (1) shoes (1) shots of ??? (1) shots x 10 + ? = marriage (1) show those bitches who's boss (1) show your friend who's boss (1) showin' that bitch who's boss (1) showing off at high school parties is the best way to get ahead in life (1) showing that bitch who's boss (1) sidewalks are only sometimes comfortable (1) SIMBA (1) sketchy individuals (1) sleep is for the weak; poordecisions is for the awesome. (1) slicing your arm open? that seems like a terrible way to get attention (1) slovak (1) sluts (1) smoking (1) smoking a bunch of dope (1) smooth talker (1) snarfing? (1) snow (1) snowball attack (1) so I guess it was successful?...if you're into that kind of thing (1) SO MUCH RUNNING (1) so the beer will solve your problems obviously (1) so they were like a pH test (1) so were they just sitting in the next room and then suddenly thought "Heyyyyy wait a minute..." (1) so who won? (1) so you had tequila AND patron? gosh (1) so you have boyfriends AND girlfriends? (1) so you're saying black guys are like spiders? (1) so you're saying this was a poor decision? I bet your kids would love to hear that (1) so you're saying you woke up after blackout drinking and some guy told you he fucked you and you liked it so you believe him and decide to gay? (1) soccer dad (1) some people just sleep naked (1) some people like to kiss some people like to hug some lesbians like eatin each others shit out of a cup (1) somebody actually posted this (1) SOMEBODY CALL AN AMBULANCE (1) somehow I don't think it was actually 2 liters in 5 minutes (1) SOMEONE CALL CHRIS HANSEN (1) son i am disappoint (1) sooo drunk (1) sorority (1) sotimisation (1) sounds like a great friend (1) sounds like some kind of innuendo (1) sounds like this drink I made once called the Grimace (1) sounds like you did it right (1) spooning with the toilet (1) squirrel (1) St Paddys my favorite saint (1) stealing second (1) still? like he was when you went to sleep? (1) stitches (1) STOP GOING DOWN YOU'RE ON DUTY (1) STOP LOOKING AT ME SWAN (1) STOP POKING ME NERVOUSLY (1) stranger danger (1) strippers obv (1) strong dick (1) stuffing your bladder (1) suicide as a hangover cure (1) super dumbass (1) superman (1) support the troops (1) suprisingly not pope (1) SVEDKA (1) SWEET PARTY BRAH (1) SWITCH (1) tables are nature's trash cans (1) taking benadryl after drinking (1) tazers are basically required for these stories now (1) teamwork is key in all relationships (1) technology (1) technology is for pussies (1) tell them you were bored and wanted to feel alive (1) tent (1) tequila probably but what the hell I'm tagging it anyway (1) terrible movies (1) testicles were inside of your mouth (1) thank god this one wasn't about poop too (1) thank you for telling me that you live at your house (1) that abominable snowman eats my guy in skifree all the time too (1) that actually sounds fucking awesome (1) that actually sounds kind of awesome (1) that actually sounds pretty awesome (1) that fucking sun is too bright (1) that probably hurts to pee out (1) that really is fucking disgusting (1) that really is fucking gross (1) that shit'll follow you back (1) that sounds stupid (1) that wasn't a very bright idea on your uncles' part (1) that'll teach you to talk to guys (1) that's a shitty prank (1) that's a terrible reason to break up with her why'd you do that? (1) that's alot of cereal (1) that's certainly some magic right there (1) that's fuckin teamwork (1) that's gross... maybe? (1) that's not a poor decision at all (1) that's not enough said (1) that's not even America (1) that's not where i parked my car (1) that's probably for the best (1) that's really the only way to remove the curse (1) that's still not irony (1) that's what you get for helping your friend (1) thats a specific number of newspapers (1) thats about as cool as aids (1) THATS DANGEROUS (1) THATS MY NEW FAVORITE WORD (1) thats not really a poor decision BUT I DONT CARE (1) thats not really irony (1) thats one kg per month! and this is a pointless comment! (1) thats some cheap anal (1) THATS USUALLY WHAT HAPPENS (1) thats what you get for going in early (1) thats why you don't let people drive your car. (1) THE BEERWAGON HAS ARRIVED! (1) the biggest ugliest snatch I've ever seen (1) the birds and the bees fuck each other right? (1) the bitch went nuts (1) the dead have needs too (1) the definition of a poor decision (1) THE DINNER PARTY -- ITS RUINED (1) the elevator is like the poor man's six flags (1) the floor (1) the freezer section scares the shit out of me (1) the green line can suck my dick (1) the internet. (1) the law...except not really (1) the muddy rudder (1) the only healthy amount of Rubinoff is none (1) the OP had a \"bright side\" added on the end here but that's not welcome on this site (1) THE plane to Canada (1) the runs (1) the worst result of jumping off your roof was puking? (1) the zombie apocalypse is real (1) there's a first time for everything (1) there's no such thing as too much 100 proof peppermint schnapps (1) there's such a thing as not ashamed parents? (1) THESE KEYS DONT WORK (1) they all look the same (1) they gave you half off a movie for that? (1) THEYRE LIKE SANDWICHES MADE OUT OF PANCAKES (1) THEYRE STILL HIGH DEF OKAY (1) this could get real awkward real fast (1) this is funnier if I don't fix all the spelling problems (1) this is gonna be an awkward family Thanksgiving dinner (1) this is how to fish properly (1) this is illegal. I hope you know that (1) this is not FML (1) this is not really a poor decision (1) this is probably not true but how the fuck did you even come up with this (1) this is retarded but we posted it anyway (1) this is the grossest thing i've ever heard (1) THIS ISNT WHERE I PARKED MY CAR (1) this makes it an even 10 (1) this makes it an even five (1) this makes it an even three (1) this may be the best post ever (1) this one was pretty straightforward; let's make it interesting (1) this post is made of broken dreams (1) this seems unlikely for some reason (1) this sounds like an awesome way to never have to go back to church (1) this sure seems to happen alot (1) this wasn't exaggerated at all (1) those bitches showed you who's boss (1) tightrope walking is hard (1) tinydogcity (1) tits (1) to do: make out with everyone; puke everywhere; forget boyfriend; ????; profit! (or pass out in front of stereo.) (1) to the face (1) today is a weird goddamned day for posts (1) today's health lesson brought to you by pd.net (1) today's youth sucks (1) toesucker (1) toilet is for poop not for keys (1) TOKYO (1) too many exclamation points (1) trambampoline (1) tree-hugger (1) trick or treat (1) truck got fucked (1) true American ingenuity (1) trying is overrated (1) turning 21 is painful (1) twins (1) TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! (1) ugly chicks (1) ugly girls still don't have penises (1) UH WHAT (1) uhh WHAT (1) uhh what the hell? (1) uhh why were you at a church? (1) underexaggerating how much you weigh (1) unintentionally doin' it again (1) UNTZ UNTZ (1) vadka (1) van wilder (1) VD (1) VEGASSSS (1) VEGASSSSSS (1) vehicular violence (1) very impressive indeed (1) violence is awesome (1) vomitization (1) wacking up (1) wait her mom played strip poker with you and everyone thought that was a good idea? (1) wait so a bloody nose destroyed your house? (1) WAIT YES GRANDMA WE ITS EXACTLY WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE (1) wake up naked (1) waking up still drunk (1) walking hurts (1) was he naked too? cus that'd be weird (1) WAS IT JUST LIKE ZOMBIELAND? (1) was it with both of them at the SAME TIME?! (1) was she hot? (1) was the old crush a guy too? that would seem to fit with this story (1) was your girlfriend there or do you just like being naked on beds? (1) washing stuff is boring (1) watering the lawn (1) WE HAVE TO GO BACK KATE (1) we like sports and we don't care who knows (1) we're awesome (1) we're loling at you not with you (1) weather (1) weird foot sunburn (1) welcome to the wonderful world of debauchery (1) well clearly he doesn't like you back (1) well I thought about the army; dad said son you're fuckin' high (1) well maybe booze (1) well maybe his mom was being a bitch (1) well you're just an awful friend now aren't you (1) were the tubes actually cobras trying to retrieve their precious venom? (1) were you and your friend both in the tire swing? (1) were you camping in like Middle Earth or something? (1) were you still on acid when you submitted this? (1) what (1) what a bitch (1) what a dick (1) what a great relationship (1) what a lady (1) what are these strawberries doing on my nipples I need them for the fruit salad (1) WHAT DID YOU SUBMIT THIS ON?! (1) what do dinosaurs taste like? (1) what does the pop have to do with this at all? (1) WHAT NO I DONT (1) WHAT OKAYYYY (1) what part of the letter B don't you understand? (1) WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING (1) what the fuck is a bush party? (1) what the fuck is a cinnamon bit (1) what the fuck is a dog beach? (1) what the fuck is a goon sack? (1) what the fuck is a lawyer vow? (1) what the fuck is a tweaker? (1) what the fuck is a wildberry smoothie? (1) what the fuck is a wristband lady? (1) what the fuck is an industryal (1) what the fuck is that? (1) WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU OKAY I HOPE NOT (1) what the hell did you just finish eating something with a lot of hot sauce? (1) what the hell does your mom have to do with that (1) what the hell is a whale song? (1) what the... you're no natural resource (1) what was it rubinoff? (1) what'd you bring a fucking yardstick with you? (1) what're you new to this? (1) what's an ass-girl -on second thought don't answer that (1) what's an ass-movie (1) what? I always sleep in the nude and also in the bathtub (1) WHATS A VAGINA SMELL LIKE (1) where are your parents wandering to? (1) WHERE DID I GO WRONG (1) where did they get those? (1) where did you find so many sheets? (1) where the fuck did basketball come into this? (1) where the fuck is my phone (1) Where'd you find that hangover I think I lost one (1) WHERED I LEAVE MY POT PLANT (1) whew I guess (1) whiskey pong (1) whiskey...it changes me (1) white meat (1) who hasn't done that? oh wait everyone (1) who needs a job or a place to live? oh right everyone (1) who needs money anyway? oh right everyone (1) who needs saturdays anyway? (1) who the fuck celebrates friday the 13th? (1) who the fuck drives a pinto (1) who the fuck goes to the phillipines (1) who the fuck turns down a high five? (1) who the hell still has a stereo? (1) WHO WANTS A WHEELBARROW RIDE? (1) who(m) (1) whose dick? (1) whose self? your self? (1) why did he think molesting you was the best way to get your cigarette? (1) why did it die? (1) why did this get posted? (1) why do they live in the forest? (1) why the fuck did they let you on a plane (1) WHY THE FUCK DID YOU EAT 15 CENTS oh right you're a retard (1) why the fuck is the chair ringing (1) why the fuck was there a big mac in your pants (1) why the fuck was there a window in a parking lot? (1) why the fuck would a 13 year old slap you? (1) why was the backyard stranger than you are used to? (1) WHY WOULD YOU BEAT YOUR DICK I TREAT MINE LOVINGLY (1) why would you drink on a roof anyway (1) why would you ever let someone help draw on you (1) WHY WOULD YOU NEED THAT MUCH FOOD? (1) why would you wait in the bathroom (1) widget (1) wiggler (1) willy (1) win (1) window fail (1) winner of the surprisingly awesome grammar and spelling award (1) winning the party (1) within a stranger backyard? with a stranger in a backyard? who the fuck knows (1) woke up broken? (1) woll smoth (1) women like confident men (1) World CBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (1) would've been funnier if it was just becoming a lady (1) wow you must be pretty terrible (1) wrong gender's underwear (1) wtf were your parents doing getting gas at 6am? (1) y'see... the kids... they listen to the RAP MUSIC... which gives them the BRAIN DAMAGE. And they don't know what the JAZZ... IS ALL ABOUT! (1) yeah but what season did this take place in? (1) yeah Google Translate is fun (1) yes we got bel-air'd (1) you and the Captain appear to have made it happen (1) you are a fucking idiot (1) you are disgusting (1) you came WHERE?! (1) you cant start a business with 4k anyway (1) you clearly don't understand this site (1) you didn't have time for pants before you posted this? I like your style. (1) you didn't pass it you just also don't remember that month in jail (1) you fell asleep ON the shower? (1) you fought the law and you fuckin lost (1) you fuck horses?? (1) YOU FUCKED THE STORK?! (1) you got beat up my an old man (1) you got fucked up by a fat guy (1) you guys seem to have problems with raves (1) you guys sure seem to have problems with raves (1) you had a truck of some sort but you decided to do it in a gas station bathroom. you probably need a shower. (1) YOU HAVE AWESOME PRIORITIES (1) you have conquered that wedding. it is now your property. (1) you have died of dysentery (1) you have no fucking clue how to spell (1) you have some weird fucking friends (1) you just peed in the pool didnt you (1) YOU KILLED ROVER YOU BITCH (1) you must have aids (1) you passed OUT OF toilet? shit (1) you probably should've bought some drugs from him instead of an ass kicking (1) you probably threw up so hard you concussed yourself (1) you should learn how to use commas (1) you should remember that you are not an ashtray (1) you shouldn't be standing on your face (1) YOU SIR ARE A LIAR (1) you sir are exaggerating (1) you stole the party? THE WHOLE FUCKING PARTY? (1) you sure do cry in your underwear alot (1) you sure do puke alot (1) you sure do talk about dicks alot (1) you sure have some problems (1) you sure like crotch rockets eh? (1) you sure thought that one through (1) you sure you're a girl? (1) you wanted an American Idiot to Rape You? (1) you wanted to fuck your grandma? (1) YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE THE WRATH OF SARAN WRAP (1) you'll harley his davidson (1) YOU'RE A WINNER (1) you're completely missing the point of the result (1) YOU'RE GOING TO DIE OF DYSENTERY (1) you're high. get it? god I'm clever (1) you're kinda a dick (1) you're like the exact opposite of my hero (1) you're missing the point of the first result (1) you're not supposed to inhale it (1) you're now your friends aunt (1) you're one unlucky motherfucker (1) you're so goddam smart (1) you're such an asshole (1) your boyfriends lucky (1) your brother sucks (1) your brothers fucked up (1) your butt ass sounds repetitively redundant (1) your cousin's a dickhole (1) your cousins are jerks (1) your family blows (1) your friends mom sounds hot (1) your misfortune entertains me immensely (1) your mom actually knows the word fapping? (1) your new friend tastes like an ashtray (1) your stomach wasn't empty it was filled with semen (1) your thigh and elbow certainly had a good night (1) zombification (1) who works at a zoo? (1) PENGUIN EGGS (1) CATS WATCHING ME POOP (1) what the hell is Caribana (1) dry humpin' for weed (1) doin' it with leg (1) doin' it? (1) a nice evening (1) WOW those five Mike's must have gotten you HAMMERED (1) WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE (1) skankin' (1) they're telling you that because it's true (1) so I guess you're one of those people who goes all-in or nothing at all (1) why the hell were you eating spam (1) why the hell did your team winning make you mad (1) I'M SO PLEASED I COULD SMASH SOMETHING (1) idk, (1) my bff rose? (1) oh fuck a cactus (1) fuck rose bushes (1) that's a lot of halo (1) WHATS A VAGINA LOOK LIKE (1) PEW PEW (1) MEOW (1) You decided to lose beer pong? thats weird (1) pirate boxers (1) I SURE DO LOVE APPLEBEES (1) HOLE IN ONE (1) hole in two? (1) drugs... kinda (1) why the fuck did you do that? (1) butter (1) you sound like kind of a dick (1) there can't be fuckin with anything I got goin on right now (1) family guy (1) TRUCKS ARE FOR MEN (1) t-bone (1) your friends owe you a girlfriend (1) doin' it with hotter girls? (1) how the fuck did you get in her house? (1) those are some good parents (1) pot? (1) cousin orgy? (1) WHO THE FUCK PUKED ON ME (1) i can fly too (1) i hope you weren't a bus driver (1) YAY awww (1) that's really your only poor decision? no hookers named steve? (1) why the fuck did you say you were from mars (1) CONCERNED PARENTS (1) i hope this was at like noon on a sunday (1) i'd have laughed at you too (1) WHEELIES (1) motorcycles (1) that was me -- i did that (1) flanns (1) i don't know what that means. (1) haunted houses? fuck that (1) fuck clowns anyway (1) THEY'RE LIVING INSIDE YOU (1) FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (1) fuck strangers (1) doin' it with mcdonalds employees (1) BITCH TOOK MY JACKET (1) THAT"S GROSS (1) im sorry you missed it? (1) why is tequila always in caps? TEQUILA (1) where the fuck did i put my me? (1) booze probably (1) CROSSING STATE LINES IS COOL (1) uhhhhhhhh (1) that's fucking gay (1) OH FUCK A SHARK (1) ....milf? (1) moms don't have sex (1) EW MOMMY (1) english good you speak (1) doin' it with an audience (1) SAY WHA--?? (1) i'm turning japanese (1) i can't say i have.. (1) that's why you keep spicy things out of your vagina (1) laptop chargers hurt (1) you're the bitch (1) you prolly deserved it (1) YOU RUINED SEXYNIGHT?! (1) alcohol is always a bonus (1) THE CAT LADY KNOWS HOW TO USE THE INTERNET?!?! (1) crazy (1) herds of cats? (1) thats fucked up (1) Starbuck? (1) DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN (1) how does one smoke...a pot? (1) mom's gonna be PISSED (1) this is awesome (1) new pd poet? (1) i like turtles. (1) KEEP HOT THINGS AWAY FROM YOUR GENITALS (1) whats a bath tube? (1) you need new friends (1) falling asleep first is dangerous (1) buttering the kitchen floor (1) BUTTER IS FOR TOAST NOT FOR FLOOR (1) bruises on my cock (1) context is my favorite (1) your girlfriend isn't the crazy/jealous type is she? (1) strippers fought my penis (1) waking up with 5 men (1) 30 metres high (1) cool guy poop on you? (1) walking straight into the wall (1) is passing out in his lap a euphemism? (1) formally passing out (1) pizza delivery guys are used to that kind of treatment (1) big sausage pizza (1) fuck caffeine addictions (1) wait Gatorade has nothing to do with this (1) getting cut open (1) drinking drinking and then drinking (1) doin't it (1) taking advantage of the upperclassmen (1) thought chick was a chair (1) where the hell did the kidney failure come into this? (1) I just don't know what to think anymore (1) backyard football always results in fingering (1) so are you a girl or...? (1) why I can tell you internet what happened (1) me internet (1) hey whats up wanna fuck? (1) nice fuck wanna shoes? (1) pick my ass up (1) email us this videographic evidence (1) Spider Man sheets (1) too much of a nerd to doin' it (1) spider man spider man does whatever a spider man does (1) superhero in bed (1) YES I KNOW NEW VEGAS JUST CAME OUT (1) WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT NEW VEGAS (1) WHY AM I DOING THIS INSTEAD OF PLAYING NEW VEGAS (1) NEW VEGAS (1) Bob Saget is watching you masturbate. (1) and I just realized I had no pants on (1) OH FUCK you had no pants on? that's the worst (1) roof is good bed (1) sexy light post (1) aliens are car collectors (1) talking to a statue for 3 hours (1) sex with cow (1) wishing you could be doin' it (1) slut? (1) sex is better than a job anyway (1) STAY AWAY FROM MY BOYFRIEND CAT (1) tricky felines (1) what the hell? (1) why would your friends cat want your boyfriend anyway (1) HEY GOOD JOB LOSING YOUR VIRGINITY... CONDOM?? (1) doin' it with an unintended audience (1) Popov. (1) BLOWJOBS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO HURT THIS MUCH (1) doin' it with vampire (1) i bet it was actually a dude (1) FALCON KIIIIIICK (1) are you sure it didn't punch you (1) FALCON PUUUUUU- damnit (1) ARE YOU REALLY A WITCH? (1) GUYS THERE'S A WITCH AT THIS PARTY (1) chasers are for pussies anyway (1) THESE ARE MY SHOES NOW (1) dickglue (1) I SUPERGLUED MY HAND TO MY DONG PLEASE HELP ME (1) OOPS FUCKED A DUDE (1) you have some awesome friends (1) your friends did the right thing (1) hopsital (1) bonfires are always better when someone sets themselves on fire (1) BIG WHOOP WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT? (1) putting the ex in sex,dumbass (1) you sound like a jerk (1) OH MAN CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?! (1) HIGH SCHOOL?! (1) script-kiddies (1) LEMONPARTY ATTACK (1) can't have a lemon party without old dick (1) poordecisions -- helping relationships (1) i'm sorry? (1) longboarding doesn't seem that impressive (1) FACE FULL OF ROAD (1) doin' it with members of one gender while imagining they're members of the other (1) beards (1) also boning my best friend's aunt (1) doin' it with aunts (1) I bet you're the pregnant one (1) I bet he went back to his family (1) I'm so smart (1) so where did your girlfriend go? (1) twin sisters? (1) naked on ferry (1) not dressed nice anymore (1) those nice young ladies stole your pants (1) certainly not exaggerating anything (1) you are a liar/idiot (1) use the word 'to' some more (1) fuck that fire alarm (1) bacardi (1) and fireball (1) blamming it on the dog (1) couchs (1) it went of (1) "it's ok (1) my dick always itches" (1) is that your official relationship status on Facebook? (1) did he whisper it while you were having sex? (1) what's a driift friend (1) marines (1) chasing a cat with a car (1) I hope you are also responsible for flooding the street in the first place (1) forehead cock (1) On fire three minutes later (1) your butt asplode (1) fire due to fart (1) YOU'RE WELCOME (1) I don't believe this for a second (1) take it from this guy: using our apps get you laid. (1) now that's what I call breaking and ENTERING amirite? (1) doors? where we're going we don't need doors (1) amateur pornstar (1) blackmail (1) accidentally your sister (1) mom takes things a bit too seriously (1) LOL U R FUCKUP but no ur cool FREE BOOZE! (1) best speech ever? (1) stabby stabby (1) HOW TO WORDS? (1) hospital sham (1) totally worth $100 (1) a brake job (1) I WONDERED WHY IT WAS SO SLOW (1) orgasuim (1) I can barely read this (1) illiterate submissions (1) afucksafuck (1) ur fucking (1) caffeinated (1) AND MY AXE (1) this might be the nerdiest thing we've ever gotten. congratulations. (1) nerdshit (1) if you had a midterm instead of work the next day I would've had an awesome tag. fuck it I'm doing it anyway (1) YOU SHALL NOT PASS (1) I hate when they take off their masks the next day (1) beer googles (1) steve buscemi (1) LOOOOOOOOOOL (1) there's a basement in your friend's grandma? (1) naked sleep wit me (1) n her frnd (1) doin' it for food (1) those things suck (1) HEY LOOK I FOUND YOUR PUSSYRING WANT IT BACK (1) throwing his hotdog at a store window (1) jersey shore (1) why the fuck did he throw a botdog... (1) heinous bloodsucking bitch (1) why the fuck would you do that (1) of course you got an std retard (1) dick-pain (1) well what the fuck did you think would happen? (1) angry dog (1) i like angry birds better (1) why were you at school? (1) aww what happened (1) barbie scooter? (1) why the fuck was he holding a bamboo stick (1) is your brother also a panda (1) i don't think you can take a bus to cuba (1) the BEST best man (1) is that why you forgot the 's'? (1) FIRST TO THE CAR! (1) that's not where i parked my car.. (1) oh...my...god... (1) HE FUCKED YOUR DAD (1) or did your dad- you know what nevermind (1) fucking wow. (1) need new pants (1) SQUIRRRRRREL! (1) squirrels: the most dangerous prey (1) YOU'VE GOT CRABS.. ASSFACE (1) CHIN UP MOTHERFUCKER (1) new style (1) I too find my work shirts irresistibly sexy (1) slapped a cop (1) I slapped the law and the law won (1) and by well you mean you're fucked (1) you probably should've taken more (1) we also wish you could remember (1) psych hospital (1) SWAT (1) you were under the influence of underwear (1) omgwtfbbq (1) THE ROOF IS ON FIRE (1) seriously burning dick syndrome (1) doin' it up the butt (1) ring of fire? (1) COME HERE MONKEY I ONLY WANT TO HELP YOU (1) shrooming balls (1) really stronger grandfather (1) ROID RAGE (1) FFFFUUUUUUUUU (1) if vampires can't look in mirrors - how is their hair always perfect (1) you'll never catch me alive! (1) mcdonalds (1) did they catch you alive? (1) i bet this happened in mexico (1) ALWAYS GO WITH EXPENSIVE FOR YOUR ASS (1) the PD API returns SackOfFailure objects (1) http://www.vidarholen.net/contents/wordcount/ (1) be honest; you were reading PD (1) that's an awful lot of porn (1) academic commitments (1) sleeping through things is my specialty (1) DEFINITELY NOT GAY (1) lol you got blasted at a party (1) programmers have to drink excessively to keep from going insane (1) winning the office party (1) guide you home? did you drink til you went blind? (1) fuck shit ow (1) what a nice cabbie (1) slut probably? (1) pimps and hoes (1) OH HEY LARRY (1) lols you can't catch larry.. larry is my friend (1) HOLY FUCK SHE HAS A DICK (1) well it all started back in 1969... (1) HE WAS JUST ANSWERING YOUR QUESTION (1) OH HI GIRLFRIENDS DAD... wanna buy me booze? (1) OH FUCK A SNAKE (1) snakebite (1) doin't it with members of an unintended generation (1) cougars (1) was she at least hot? (1) HEY LOOK A FREE CAB RIDE THAT'S NOT SUSPICIOUS (1) you seem to enjoy semicolons (1) I CANT HANDLE THIS GANGSTER LIFESTYLE (1) that's awkward (1) dating sluts (1) i'm intrigued about the one girl. (1) pack of bums (1) let me just walk my bike through this here park (1) is pack really the collective term for bums? (1) backflip (1) broken nose (1) did you just get a new fuckin haircut? (1) strippers are probably used to it anyway (1) wow.. just wow (1) parking on lawns (1) driving the wrong way down the road (1) scions are gay (1) there are no words to describe this (1) my dog's wasted (1) that's fucking disgusting seriously (1) WHERE'D IT GO? (1) losing things in your vagina (1) how the fuck did they find it anyway? (1) SHAWS TRIPS (1) fuck that sprinkler (1) haha you got wet (1) RROD (1) IM GONNA DIE oooh xbox (1) sleep is for quitters (1) DEVILS THREESOME (1) that's kinda gay (1) never speak of this again (1) that's because it is hilarious (1) SPYRO THE PURPLE DRAGON IS GONNA EAT ME (1) halloween (1) cockblock? (1) sleeping in a crib (1) IN COSTUME (1) steamboat willie reference (1) TURTLES CAN'T SWIM?! (1) HEY MOM I ORDERED SOME DILDOS (1) you're really an idiot (1) Yo Gabba Gabba (1) appropriate results (1) pizza day is the best day of the week (1) the aforementioned baseball bat (1) booze,turning 21 is painful,how to birthday? (1) birthdaying pretty hard,there's a party in my pants. and urine... (1) making friends in the neighborhood (1) dumbass,drivin drunk...classic (1) only two places? next time you can do better (1) uh...if you guys were drinking with family...who was he having a threesome with? nevermind. don't ever tell me. (1) doin' it,THATS GROSS (1) JAGERBOMB (1) you played right into that cop's hand you fool (1) stabbing myself in the leg (1) MACGYVER ON THAT SHIT (1) yeah the ambulance store closes at like 9pm (1) contact on my cell (1) puke,THATS GROSS (1) i hat got there (1) not wasting an open bar (1) harms spread out (1) that's what you get for working late (1) where the fuck do you work (1) I hope for your sake that it was a massive and covering necklace (1) someone who would make a terrible marine biologist (1) shitting yourself underwater (1) TSA? (1) please don't touch my no-no place (1) traveling by accident (1) full cavity search (1) HEY GREAT DICK PAL (1) amateur film star (1) high school chick (18),DON'T LOOK AT MY DICK (1) well you're very honest,poordecisions poordecision (1) we have a very high standard of journalistic integrity and would never change a submission (1) PLEASE DISREGARD THE SPOTLIGHT AND PROCEED (1) helicopter cop? you mean like inspector gadget? (1) everything between guys can be essentially broken down toa dick showing contest (1) lols showing those 9 year olds who's boss (1) winning Halloween (1) "nice work making my kid pee himself." (1) SEX (1) AIDS (1) you've got AIDS (1) okay Magic Johnson (1) Literally the grossest thing I have ever read (1) threesome (1) mouth virigin (1) later result (1) wow. just wow (1) Hi this is Janelle and I fucked your dad please call me (1) don't ever sleep in that bed again. ever. (1) what like...it was on a leash? (1) boner (1) I really doubt this happened (1) if the boner police are going to be here I'll need a lawyer (1) fleeing the country (1) videogames (1) Steam is not a dating service (1) my hamburger had sme suspicious things about it! (1) dont ever fuss with mcdonalds cooks (1) what the fuck (1) FUCK YEAH (1) so now you blow his load when you blow your nose (1) YOU GAVE YOURSELF HICKEYS? (1) lube makes me poop funny (1) doin' it with the wrong hole (1) YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG (1) this is really uncomfortable if you imagine that he already knew who she was (1) THAT IS DADDY'S JOB (1) you sound like one of those calm drunks (1) maybe they were all people you ran over with your car (1) running over my ex-fiancee with my car (1) well...are you? (1) real handsy (1) super toasted (1) so basically your pregaming ended up being the entire game...which you then lost to the cops? (1) what the hell is apple pie shots I want that for me (1) 190 proof? weak. (1) chased off campus (1) MOUNTAINBONER (1) doin' it but not finishin' it (1) a handful of Viagra for a night of fun (1) Boner with a capital B (1) I don't think you get sued for murder; yes that's the part of this I chose to question (1) doesn't sound like fun and games (1) MY VAGINA IS ON FIRE (1) gotta clean up before finger-fuckin (1) love the use of the word bogart (1) Guinness (1) CAMRY (1) BIG SPOON (1) i don't think that's how you get herpes... (1) I BET IT WAS PEEPEE (1) sad brother (1) you've got the aids (1) not really lols (1) HERE WOULD YOU LIKE MY INVISIBLE MUFFIN (1) knackered (1) rye? really? (1) fire-slut (1) you fucked ALL OF THEM (1) this absolutely proves that all frat bros are gay. that's it. done. (1) i'm not really sure where the advil comes in? (1) I see a euphemism there somewhere (1) its hotdog flavored chalk! (1) this is weird as fuck (1) what the fuck is mazcal? (1) booze i guess (1) mexicans! (1) repeat poster? (1) drinking irsh (1) you decided to go to prison? (1) gay as fuck. (1) sucks to be you (1) threesomes (1) maybe stop sucking at doin' it (1) MY BONES NOOOOOOOOOOOOO (1) posted by dead guy (1) GUS LOOK WHAT I TRAINED MY ASS TO DO (1) waste receptacle (1) tripling protein intake (1) your boyfriend wins (1) UPDATE YOUR DAMN APP (1) screaming about pregnancies usually results in flaming leaf piles (1) BURN KEYS BURN (1) were you really pregnant? (1) that's not how to abortion (1) I like how it was relevant that you went with your ex (hint: it wasn't) (1) mission accomplished (1) BONOSE RESELT (1) BONER RESOLVE (1) yeah our tagging system is clearly useful (1) we did. (1) way too high (1) AT THE SAME TIME IN ROTATION (1) you went to Texas what did you expect: tolerance and a distinct lack of racism? (1) Is it the frank or the beans? (1) BE CAREFUL WITH ZIPPER (1) note to self: never go to Alice in Wonderland party (1) MOTHERFUCKING HAMMERTIME (1) can't understand why single. understand now. (1) BILLY MAYS HERE (1) I DON'T KNOW WHAT WE'RE YELLING ABOUT (1) THE CHAT LINE IS THE ONLY PLACE TO MEET REPUTABLE WOMEN (1) mom mother (1) MOM MOTHER I AM NO SLUT (1) don't forget about the boys (1) OW BALLS (1) kids suck (1) SKINNING YOUR ENTIRE WHAT (1) i accidentally a whole bottle of coke (1) you're gay (1) BUTTRAPE (1) doin' it with your sister (1) you're going to hell (1) well that was unexpected (1) OOPS PENIS (1) you absolutely lost that game (1) FUCK I JUST LOST THE GAME FUCK YOU (1) i love scotch.. scotchy scotch scotch.. here it goes down... down into my belly.. mmm mmm mmm (1) xanax (1) NINJAS EVERYWHERE (1) I like your priorities (1) good hump or bad hump? (1) OH MAN RYAN MUST BE PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSED (1) who is ryan (1) herpies or her pies? did she bake after the sex? (1) why the hell did he thank you for that? (1) cockblock (1) HEY EVERYBODY LOOK WHAT SHES GOT! IT'S BOOBS! (1) dog poo infection (1) severe case of the poo on you (1) big tony (1) OH HI IM THE TSA (1) hello my name is large tony (1) lols tsa (1) potentially awkward (1) doin' it with members of an unintended family possibly (1) finals are gay anyway (1) friend is a dick (1) HEY LOOK A HOBO LETS THROW ROCKS AT HIM (1) i'm sure that's exactly what happened (1) HAHA YOU LIKE LADY GAGA (1) who the fuck owns a zune? (1) WHATS YOUR NEW NICKNAME (1) get back to us with more info (1) uhhhhhh (1) reeding (1) I think you misunderstand the concept of tags (1) what the hell is a tab (1) I have a much larger vocabulary: I can also call you a douchecock (1) neighbors saw vagina (1) peeing in the yard (1) showin off the vagpiece (1) konami code is for winners (1) I suggest you try this right now (1) holy fuck (1) doin' it with ow (1) that's terrifying (1) doin' it loudly (1) EXPLODE (1) YOUR HAND ASPLODE (1) intelligent decisions are my favorite (1) fully anticipated result (1) i seriously don't even want to know (1) my friend house (1) that's it. pack it up. we're done here. this man won PoorDecisions. lols (1) this is literally the greatest submission I have ever read (1) you are my hero (1) made that pig squeal (1) public indecency (1) COPS HERE? PANTS OFF? WORKS FOR ME. (1) scheduled doin' it (1) doin' it with a member of law enforcement (1) if this doesn't get a thousand upvotes I have lost faith in my own system (1) be sure to get back to us with how the herpes talk goes over (1) wild turkey (1) that is to be expected (1) you mean like you found some child and had his or her name tattooed on you? (1) how'd you find out? (1) words on face (1) so I see clearly you are someone who runs regularly. (1) passing out not due to booze (1) no cloths on (1) morning wood (1) boner police (1) dicks (1) you mean like you woke up while doin' it? (1) shit faced drunk (1) waking up on a plane (1) stewerdess (1) are you still shit faced drunk? (1) spelling is for people who aren't busy screwing the stewerdess (1) now read more for suggestions on what to do with your new freedom (1) GRANDMA I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM THE TRAIN STATION (1) that's fucking weird (1) crazy lady (1) i like how it went from "handsome" to "I'd fuck ya" (1) no thank you (1) squirrel nearly outwits man; loses to superior firepower (1) OH SHIT WHAT DO WITH SQUIRREL (1) you have rabies now. (1) Prague (1) I don't think three guys means it was just double (1) a night of drinks (1) is that just how they say hello in Europe? (1) I wish I lived near a 24 hour pizzeria (1) ow my ass (1) doin' it with so many people at once (1) That is so fucking gross please do not come back. (1) gettin' down (1) Mark Zuckerberg now owns your penis (1) does your friend love drunk porno or is he a drunk that loves porno? (1) I did that once. When I came to this site existed. (1) this hardly seems scientific (1) had sex with some black guys (1) so one day you were like "Nothing good on TV...I know what I can do tonight!" (1) collecting data (1) MORE COFFEE (1) I AM AWAKE (1) I hope you spent the entire time just staring at your computer screen and vibrating (1) you're totally gonna get murdered (1) I'll bet you got a LARGE RAISE if you catch my drift (1) climbing the corporate ladder of dicks (1) Informative Asian strikes again (1) FYI UR MELANIN IS LOW (1) supposably (1) you accidentably invented a new word (1) doin' it in front of the wrestling team (1) wrasslin' team (1) who got your reputation drunk? (1) have you ever heard of a game called Polybius (1) your best friend sucks (1) doin' it a lot (1) thats a fucking lot of fucking (1) yeah I bet your dick is REAL sad (1) The mind is willing but the flesh is spongy and bruised (1) death by snoo-snoo (1) whoah 19 years is kind of a lot there dude (1) WAIT YES GRANDMA ITS EXACTLY WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE (1) GRANDMA I TOLD YOU TO STOP FEELING UP MY BOYFRIENDS' JUNK (1) new spam in your inbox: sweatpants to make your dick look huge! (1) brosephina (1) buttsplosion (1) hangovers lasting longer than one day should be outlawed (1) never accept a free massage. your dick will be stolen. (1) now you know who her father is I hope you are satisfied (1) dad is mad (1) I want a 40 of rum please (1) throat bleeding inside (1) OH FUCK THE ENTS ARE COMING TO GET ME (1) TREEBEARD WHY (1) I AM NOT A LUMBERJACK PLEASE DO NOT KILL ME TREES (1) that's what you get for graduating college (1) GRANDMA I TOLD YOU TO PICK ME UP AT THE BAR (1) did she bail you out with cookies? (1) the foundation of any great relationship is booze (1) so she showed you her boobies and then you left (1) doin' it for profit (1) get back to your street corner (1) good at doin' it (1) no dang reason (1) light his junk up (1) charred balls (1) I NO LONGER HAVE VD DUE TO THE CLEANSING POWER OF FIRE (1) DIY flamethrower (1) wait is your roommate your cat? (1) serious conversations (1) deep subject matter (1) eat your couch (1) how the fuck did you even have time to go to classes (1) you probably didn't think that one through enough (1) holy fucking shit what is this (1) I don't really think that counts as rape when you add that to the end (1) doin' it with unintended ladies (1) meaningful relationship becomes rape (1) I can't decide if this is true or not... (1) wait so she found you having sex on the front door? (1) banging on the front door (1) awkward drive time (1) We were just repainting the bathroom. With semen. AGH DAMMIT IM SO BAD AT THIS (1) YEAH BRIAN (1) this sounds really familiar (1) trying to get your address? not number first? that lesbian has balls (1) hroin (1) wow what the fuck (1) keep seeing gost (1) OH MY GOD RUN ITS A GOST (1) ...that's pretty racist man. (1) arevfucking (1) so I think you proved that everyone in Texas who isn't a racist still can't spell (1) FUCK YOU MOOOOOOOOOOOON (1) peyote (1) this is amazing (1) MY CHILDREN RAIN DOWN UPON YOU (1) HOORAY FOR SELF-HAIRCUTS (1) waisted? what (1) perverts (1) doin' it with more than one person (1) lol beard (1) IM GONNA SHIT YOUR DICK (1) doin' it by accident (1) running from polices (1) THAT SOUNDS AWESOME (1) doin' it alot (1) 7 minutes sure is specific (1) aww (1) dead pets are no fun (1) parents don't have sex. (1) sounds like an awful christmas (1) INFINITE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS EVERYWHERE!!! (1) sharting (1) duck tape (1) you're friends are excellent (1) pissing off the missus (1) that sounds just... awful (1) THAT'S WHO (1) also a kid named pope (1) you're probably gay (1) FRIEND ZONE (1) is that supposed to be goodness? (1) OH MY GODDESS (1) HI (1) SECOND BONUS RESULT?! (1) angry husBands are the worst (1) deuce bigalow? (1) male prositutes (1) that's pretty depressing (1) WHERE ARE MY PANTS (1) WHERES MY ME (1) FFFFFFUUUUUUUUU (1) your professor is an asshole (1) USE FUCKING ALARMS (1) Why Do You Feel The Need To Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Single Word? (1) pooping yourself (1) IM TRIPPIN BALLS (1) a bond fire eh? (1) you suck at spelling (1) good job (1) it seems as though you can see now (1) intoxicated animals (1) gettin your cat fucked up (1) your cat may have had an acid trip (1) TAKE ME HOBLAAAARGH (1) it was a bad one. (1) I think you came out a winner overall here (1) who needs a heart anyway? (1) HOLY CRAP ARE YOU GUYS THE TAMALE STORE?? (1) uh what the hell? (1) Xbox Live is clearly the best online community ever created. (1) what kind of a goddamned whore takes the dog too? (1) people live in Alaska? (1) WoW is clearly the matchmaker of our generation (1) MY FRIEND LIVES IN THE MALL NOW (1) this is the most entertaining post I've seen in a long time (1) SHE JUST WANTS TO LOOK AT WOODY (1) sleeped (1) you are terrible at keyboard (1) so you weren't really sure if it was your stepmom or stepdad? (1) almost got shot by old man (1) coronas (1) why the fuck did he stay in the truck? (1) you're both idiots (1) I like how you pointed out that you're straight but didn't mention if you're a girl (1) you're not straight (1) It was rabies. (1) more than a handful is just a waste (1) I'm imagining that in the middle of a mosh pit this huge dude just held you down and very carefully shaved your head (1) AGAIN?!? (1) doin' it with guys for money (1) jesus christ that's disgusting (1) FOR ALL RETURN DISPUTES: MEET IN THE PARKING LOT AFTER SCHOOL (1) he probably shit on it (1) periods are gross (1) wait... did you guys take a shower together? (1) that number is unrealistic (1) god i hope this was a girl (1) shut up katy perry (1) i can only hope the eye-patch is unrelated (1) bouncers (1) HOLY FUCKING WHY (1) I AIN'T GOT MY TACO YET (1) ridin mopeds (1) uhhh what (1) doin' it with members of an unintended species (1) oontz oontz oontz (1) you guys and your fucking raves (1) doin't it with self to pictures of your mom (1) zippers are evil (1) did i mention ow? (1) hehehehe you're a dude girl (1) MARKERS (1) take off your shoes next time dumbass (1) marker boogers (1) holy fuck i hope this is real (1) peeing your pants is cool (1) sometimes i forget how funny i am (1) well is she hot? then its not a problem (1) ay girl when you gonna let me tap that (1) YEAH TED -- IS THERE? (1) i bet he got it at the assvibrator store (1) dude's doin dudes (1) gay? (1) likes it up the pooper (1) your boss is the fucking man (1) you are a pussy (1) OH NO WHATEVER DO YOU MEAN? (1) NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND (1) yeah some people are stupid. (1) oops porn (1) HERE LEMME BORROW YOUR PORN (1) you are a cunt. (1) ow my penis (1) its funny cus it didn't happen to me (1) husbands? like she had more than one (1) doin' it with teacher (1) ITSA ME (1) that's kinda how it works (1) doin' it with family members (1) job selection process? (1) eco-center (1) maybe you should actually check out the place before you agree to work there (1) FUCKING METAL (1) fucking brain damage. (1) motorbike (1) arriving in style (1) classy (1) milkphone (1) I'm glad you specified that it was cow's milk (1) was it like fresh from the udder? (1) I thought milk was good for electronics (1) he likes to keep it in the family (1) WHAT A TWIST (1) sexy sex (1) lesbianity (1) THIS IS NOT FUCKING FML (1) you're a fucking asshole (1) you deserved that (1) It would've been better if she hit you with a bus (1) i do not believe any of this actually happened. except for the part where you got arrested. (1) everyone loves poordecisions (1) um...are you a girl? or... (1) strippers playing with my tits all night (1) strip clubs (1) i like your style (1) HAHAHA OH MAN LOOK AT YOU CUDDLING WITH THAT DUDE THAT IS ME says the gay brother (1) I hope he made fun of you for being gay (1) the accent is the thing she's concerned about? not the fact that you were using sex as currency? (1) doin' it for coolant leak (1) COOLANT LEAK (1) why were you paying him for a coolant leak seems like you should have paid him to fix it (1) you wad pigeon? (1) major knee burn yo (1) ARE YOU A WIZARD (1) i think you accidentally a gang (1) i don't believe this but.. FUCK YEAH (1) BOOM (1) fucking family (1) fuck rabbits (1) DIE BUNNY RABBIT (1) uhhhhh (1) ARE YOU A WIZARD? (1) what is a blue dinosaur (1) get back to me with the details (1) BLUE DINOSAUR (1) BREAD DOES SOAK UP LIQUOR DUMBASS (1) what do concussions have to do with your knee? (1) youtubs (1) MY LEGS ARE SO LONG (1) THIS IS WHAT STILTS FEEL LIKE (1) HOLY CRAP IM DYING (1) a want to kill (1) OH GOD WHYYY (1) i'm truley sorry for your lots (1) tell your mom we said sorry (1) Y U NO STUDY HARDER (1) stinky vaginas? gross (1) oh no a lady wants to have sex with you BOO HOO (1) your friend likes weiners (1) WHY DOES HE NEED AN ENTIRE BOX (1) that's fucking dedication (1) ew blood (1) NO FUNNY (1) doin' it while bleeding (1) DONT FALL OFF THE BED NEXT TIME (1) gay BUT THATS ALRIGHT (1) bitches aint shit (1) yay? (1) ice is a dick (1) OH NO I FELL OVER (1) WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU EXPECT (1) life decisions (1) stale booze (1) 100% chance this is in the south (1) tweaking (1) AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (1) jumpy (1) that is funny (1) you scream like a girl (1) why would you do that seriously (1) well that's just a shitty night (1) ALWAYS CARRY A PURSE LADIES (1) takin a shit in the dark (1) itchy dick syndrome (1) doin' it with loose women (1) PAY ATTENTION (1) ER visits are fun (1) DO YOU NEED BATTERIES FOR YOUR BOYFRIEND EDWARD? (1) bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (1) bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (1) bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (1) sleeping in tubs (1) hotel parties are fun (1) why the fuck were you naked? (1) AWKWAAAAARD (1) holy shit that sucks (1) OH HEY DAD HOW ARE YOU I SEEM TO HAVE GOTTEN LOST (1) i love how you're not sure (1) I THINK I POOPED MYSELF DID I POOP MYSELF (1) DRUGS IS BAD OKAY CATS (1) is this some sort of metaphor? (1) god i wish this could have been true (1) that's epic (1) stop pretending you didn't want it (1) GREATEST BACKPACK EVER (1) i hope you're like a 40 year old hairy man (1) WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU MAKE (1) don't you hate when that happens (1) CATCH THEM DAMN MERMAIDS (1) IM TRIPPING BALLS (1) getting really trippy and going to children's theme parks (1) HOW DOES DISNEY HAVE THEIR OWN FBI (1) doin' it with subordinates (1) SEXUAL HER-ASSMENT AMIRITE? (1) haha you can't poop (1) at least it didn't hurt? (1) vicodin (1) not being able to take a shit (1) AUTO-FELLATIO (1) new apartments (1) you christened your new place (1) dawww crap apples (1) was he in jail for 18 years? (1) when you gotta go you gotta go (1) peein on cop cars -- classic (1) south? (1) COUSINLY LOVE (1) your friends a liar (1) ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuu (1) actually legal drugs (1) READ THE FUCKING DIRECTIONS (1) PARANOIM!!! (1) you son of a bitch (1) I feel like this might not be true (1) real cause and effect there (1) makin murders (1) is this real life (1) THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS (1) your friend is a dick (1) fuckin cats (1) EAT THE CAT POOP (1) blue balls (1) naps (1) NEVER TAKE NAPS IN CARS (1) uhhh rape? (1) did you start out in a miniskirt? (1) SORRY BRAH (1) haha you're not getting any and its my fault (1) STUPID. I HATE BIRDS. (1) was it a teenage mutant ninja turtle? (1) 40's taste better when you have problems (1) what's an ass chick (1) doing it so very wrong (1) good at relationships (1) a very sentimental lamp (1) PURPLE??? WHYS IT HAVE TO BE PURPLE?!? (1) how do you not notice that? (1) oh btw I have wife (1) this did not actually happen. (1) togethor (1) doin' it at work (1) Sexually Transmitted Fartnocker (1) douche bag (1) whoah at least it wasn't an STD. you dodged a bullet there. (1) inbox is not a fucking verb (1) you spelled some wrong (1) this one sucks why did I post it (1) stop being a whore (1) sausage fest gone wrong (1) 6 or 7 drinks (1) looks like you definitely caught up...IN BED (1) JOUSTING WITH GOLF CARTS (1) good thing your friend was OK (1) ditches protect you from the law (1) naked in park (1) doin' it but not wanting to (1) raped by hobo (1) please don't submit anymore (1) Why Does Every Word Have To Start With A Capital? (1) i feel like this is the plot of a movie (1) SO MANY BONUS REULTS (1) threatening violence (1) drinkin alone -- classic (1) day drinking is best drinking (1) accidental assrape (1) accidental self assrape (1) firing a gun in the air is the international sign for DEPOSIT WEED HERE (1) Los Angeles is worst Angeles (1) you sound like the kind of person who shouldn't have a gun (1) bang bang you're a retard (1) vehicular doin' it (1) you're the worst friend ever (1) this gives the song My Best Friend's Girl a whole new meaning (1) hey so what're you doing right now? (1) who else is with you? (1) what's up? (1) why won't you answer me? (1) what are you doing? (1) fuck it I'll just call you again (1) doin' it with little bro (1) funniest think ever (1) how is baby formed (1) double dumbass on you (1) her brothers junk and mine (1) not a physics major I see (1) and then we finished! (1) bruised and naked! (1) doin' it at dangerously high speeds (1) roadfuckin (1) well was it? (1) steering column (1) doin' it with your own dad via the transitive property (1) DAD NOT AGAIN (1) how do you not notice something like that (1) and your boyfriend is also your dad's boyfriend (1) gotta catch em all (1) OKAY ASH KETCHUM (1) your name is very clever (1) you ruined the relationship between Gary and his grandfather you dick (1) lightning rat (1) ITS PIKACHU....GODDAMMIT AAAAGH (1) Professor Oak lives in a town made up entirely of single mothers. dayumn. (1) it's okay i'd fuck me too (1) a/s/l? (1) points for subtlety (1) tits or gtfo (1) tag writers get all the ladies (1) boobs are bigger? sounds like a win to me! (1) just one trojan? you know you can't reuse those right? (1) i gave her her enimeis number (1) GOOD MORING (1) strange Jamaican guys just want to make friends (1) fortunately it was a chick (1) fortunately i fucked her in front of my girlfriend (1) yeah none of this happened at all it was just one massive hallucination (1) is that really something they're proud of? (1) remember kids: if you smoke pot you'll end up in a puddle of semen (1) you're like a human condom now (1) HAY WHAT IS UP? (1) I have never ever done this before. definitely not once ever. (1) drunk texting is best texting (1) batting a thousand (1) HEY GREGS (1) amputaided (1) BUT HOW DID THEY KNOW THEY WERE IN THE RIGHT BATHROOM? (1) it wasn't because they walked into the wrong bathroom; these guys are just really scary looking (1) palmela handerson (1) NEW DVD PLAYER! FIRST TASK: PORN. (1) hopefully it was your boss (1) maybe it just looked like you were whacking off to a red light (1) PD as a second language (1) i open my eyes and blush (1) i totally drank like three liters of beers last night (1) i totally almost made sex on this girl (1) i believe that's called a tough guy shot (1) AMERICA.. FUCK YEAH (1) doin' it with 1 leg (1) angles for access (1) what is this canada (1) havin fun across the border (1) winner (1) i am 12 and what is this? i just got hired how do i post tags? i'm making so much money. (1) what the fuck are you talking about (1) are you still high (1) YOU'RE TEARING ME APART WORLD (1) bad with penis (1) managing to have sex with him (1) you're a good person (1) I am also questioning your taste in men (1) doin' it with stalkers (1) awkward proposal count (1) double-ex (1) how do you know he's not one of the guys running this site? (1) LET'S DANCE (1) dancing with skeletons (1) why the fuck are fake skeletons so expensive (1) Mackdombles (1) having to be tackled (1) GIVE ME CHEESEBURGER NOOOOOOOOOOOOW (1) sir I'm going to have to ask you to not physically assault the apple pies (1) worst submission ever? maybe. (1) kicked at least two girls in the face (1) how to club? (1) getting kicked out of shit (1) just tell people you won that club and are on the next level now (1) dancing is hard (1) fuck guys i just wanna do backflips (1) this is totally true (1) I believe every word of it (1) '99 Camry (1) Jesus drove a '99 Camry did you know that? (1) i see nothing wrong with this (1) fuckin patrick (1) hey man your name is also my name lets be friends (1) escaping from hospitals (1) bitch (1) coersion is for pussies (1) i bet she was super old (1) TIGER BLOOD (1) all green things must die (1) YOURE NOT REALLY CHARLIE SHEEN ARE YOU DAMNIT (1) getting AIDS feet (1) moneys overrated (1) broke but a good night? (1) HOOKERS EVERYWHERE (1) are you a hooker? (1) OH GOD RATS AHHHHHHH (1) im glad you learned your lesson (1) wait what the fuck? (1) wait... they have TACO TRUCKS? (1) is that like an ice cream truck but for tacos? (1) HOLY SHIT THERES DEMONS IN THE MIRROR (1) paranoia - not fun (1) can't sleep... clown'll eat me (1) GOBBIES (1) HEY MA LOOK AT MY BOOBS (1) fat tuesday (1) parental flashing (1) west Philadelphia born and raised... (1) hittin on dude's girlfriends (1) he got mad so you punched him? (1) HAMSTERS WATCHING YOU JERK OFF (1) curious hamsters (1) hooker (1) you are a prostitute (1) SHIT MY CHECK ENGINE LIGHT IS ON (1) can't pay.. better fuck (1) hooker babies (1) morning drinking (1) third degree sun burns (1) stupid sun (1) wait what? (1) are you... for real (1) that's not okay (1) HEY DAD WHY YOU FUCK ANIMALS (1) is your mom a cow? (1) your moms totally a cow (1) hahahaha. it's funny cus it didn't happen to me (1) SO MANY KIDS (1) only two dozen? (1) DO YOU KNOW MY DAD (1) lesbians apparently love you (1) donating sperm (1) HERE JERK OFF INTO THIS CUP FOR MONEY (1) IM GONNA DIE (1) pot brownies (1) I NEED HOSPITAL (1) dumbass FLAILING (1) you beat yourself up (1) youre kinda retarded (1) lolololol (1) you just... decided to like penis? (1) can you really just decide to go gay? (1) gay men are really just ladies (1) well as long as you saved the pizza (1) huge gaping bloody hole (1) falling down stairs (1) you are not completely straight (1) yeah i doubt your boyfriend will have a problem with that (1) i love whenever someone tries to make fun of me and sounds retarded (1) 2 thing one (1) it's 'you're' not ur (1) apparently i'm a dick... oh well (1) where the fuck did the fireman come from? (1) WHY WAS THERE A VICTORY LAP (1) running into a wall (1) oreos (1) pron (1) HAHAH YOU'VE SEEN YOUR DAD'S DICK (1) there is everything wrong with that (1) OH MAN I BET YOURE A PORN BABY (1) you've seen your dad's o-face (1) waking up in a camper (1) woke up with best friend's mom (1) jap alcool (1) i sincerely doubt you were in an 11 month coma (1) crushed car (1) car accidents (1) UNWANTED JUNK (1) showing people your wang (1) why would you sleep in the trunk (1) masterful evading the police (1) poker face (1) flawless (1) doin' it with dirty people (1) pee burning (1) mounths (1) rehab (1) cake was talkin shit (1) WHY WOULD YOU KILL A BABY ELEPHANT WITH BOOZE (1) HI THERE LEFT HAND HOW ARE YOU (1) OH MY GOD IM A DRAGON NOW (1) IT DOES NOT ADD SPICE YOU ARE A JERK (1) being an idiot (1) DOG ATTACK (1) owowowowow (1) pubes (1) shave like a pornstar (1) uhh what the fuck (1) HATS (1) cowboy hats (1) you gay (1) yeah i also punch holes in walls when im happy (1) YOU'RE WELCOME BRAH (1) marriage (1) i hope you go on dates with your hand (1) frigid bitch (1) YOURE WELCOME (1) NUT KICK... ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE (1) WHYYY (1) ensure.. its pants-shittingly good! (1) laxatives (1) mom:1 you:0 (1) IM DEF STRAIGHT (1) scissoring (1) you were just bored (1) THIS SEEMS LIKE A PERFECTLY NORMAL RELATIONSHIP (1) relationshit (1) SO MUCH OF WHISKEY (1) did you at least do something retarded after? (1) follow up with this (1) SO MUCH WIN (1) poop on the side of the freeway (1) SERIOUS SUNDAY FUNDAY (1) ski goggles (1) pussy (1) big guys (1) LETS PLAY SOME FOOTBALL (1) surgery (1) pope@poordecisions.net (1) doin' it sans condom (1) no pants dance (1) MERRY CHRISTMAS HERES SOME DRUNKJUICE (1) mudd butt (1) natty ice (1) nice work bro (1) chyeah brah (1) that was actually your liver liquefying itself in rage (1) doin' it via text (1) sext (1) sleep sexting (1) sending naked pics while asleep (1) HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME (1) OH BOY I WONDER WHATS IN THIS PACKAGE OH SHI- (1) doin' it and getting caught (1) making porn (1) DIY porn (1) intercepted? like you tossed the VHS tape across the room and she caught it midair? (1) seashell and horseshoe crabless beach (1) burning your nuts off (1) doin' it with fat chicks (1) shrinkage (1) not just fat chicks but really big fat chicks (1) if you don't remember any of this then how are you telling us about it? (1) DEN WHO WAS FAT CHICKS? (1) seriously wtf (1) your boyfriend is gross (1) making your friends clean up poo (1) I bet you totally want to bang him again now (1) ... (1) MUSTACHE CRABS (1) please don't hurt us (1) we get a lot of fucking submissions; we're still on ones from months ago (1) can we get some free advertising once you've taken over if we post it now? (1) best parent (1) my son can't stop crying (1) PINK TRUCK (1) letting other people pick out the color was probably his best idea ever (1) THAT'S GROSS. old people (1) elderly naked (1) STOP IT GRANDMA (1) WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (1) kesha (1) well you're kind of a dick (1) BALD AS FUCK (1) do you have regular hair? or just no fucking hair? (1) afraid of the dark (1) OH FUCK ITS A RAPIST (1) BETTER TAKE MY OWN MACE (1) macing self (1) self-inflicted ow (1) MY EYES.. THEY BURN (1) dating asians (1) OH HEY FAMILY REUNIOUN (1) that's fucked up (1) sickness (1) IS IT MUMPS (1) no call no show's are cunts (1) workin' overtime (1) don't worry this is a pretty normal occurrence (1) our apps ARE better than christmas (1) there are two of us btw (1) losing a shoe (1) YOU SLEPT ON MY COUCH THAT MEANS YOU LOVE ME RIGHT (1) mom was right (1) mailman is violent (1) did he like smack you upside the head because you didn't look both ways? (1) I bet your friend is totally still friends with you (1) NO NOT THE BEER OH GOD WHY (1) weird things on penis (1) HEY BRAH GUESS WHO I JUST GOT THE HERP FROM (1) staying classy (1) ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: BONER (1) seriously.. that's fucking gross (1) parents doin' it (1) MOMPORN (1) THATS HOW YOU WERE MADE (1) i regret NOTHING (1) strong endings (1) this wouldn't have been posted if it weren't for that (1) little kid problems (1) in school suspension (1) badass 4th graders (1) she was a transvestied? (1) what's a that? (1) SHE WAS AN ASS-GIRL? (1) that's funny i have a warrant in jersey (1) you've got some solid friends (1) i bet you think strippers like you too (1) IMA RIDE THIS BIKE (1) biking while intoxicated (1) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE STAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WE NEEEEEEEEEEEEED YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (1) FIRE IN THE HOLE (1) burning (1) OW GOD IT BURNS (1) finger stuff (1) awkwaaard (1) HE WAS SICK... WITH GAY (1) giddy up (1) is this real? (1) you can actually do that? (1) LOOK AT MY HORSE (1) my horse is amazing (1) your brother's good at that (1) WHERE THE FUCK DID HE GO (1) that's kinda fucked up (1) i lied.. that's VERY fucked up (1) HEY THERE UNCLE JESSE (1) that sounds more like an awesome decision (1) HELLS ANGELS (1) i doubt the veracity of this story (1) IMA KEY THIS MINIVAN (1) is your name robert paulson (1) fight club (1) broken arm (1) checkin my fuel situation (1) you're also an idiot (1) knowing how to spell (1) expeled (1) little known fact that if you show up to school when you're not supposed to THEY KICK YOU OUT FOR GOOD (1) drinking tripping balls (1) you mean prozac? (1) equilibri-yum? (1) seeing people that aren't there (1) LADY PLEASE HELP MY ROOM IS FULL OF BUGS AND IM NOT ON DRUGS AT ALL (1) I don't think you were actually talking to them (1) you go to fucking school? is that like regular school at all? (1) are you also hammered? (1) sexting (1) PLZ SEND ME HOTT PICXS (1) I hope you start talking loudly about what you were typing to that girl (1) was she sleeping too? (1) college kids go all the way to 2nd base?! holy shit (1) YEAH I BET YOU TOTALLY GOT TO SEE THOSE STRIPPERS NAKED oh wait (1) out of booze? better hit the titty bar (1) stopping at wawa for a cheese stick (1) what the fuck is a cheese stick? (1) I KNOW FROM WHERE (1) stopping at wawa for a cheese stick is my new favorite euphemism (1) why were you at a high school (1) yeah.. i'm sure you have a REALLY HOT GIRLFRIEND (1) poop jokes (1) you pooped your pants (1) BONUS BONUS RESULTS! (1) sharted (1) is that euphemism? (1) lolwut? (1) WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT'S FUNNY (1) doin' it with a girl and wishing it was a guy? (1) WHY WAS THERE A NAZI (1) looks like they shout at cheese (1) you're not so good at words (1) not surprisingly rau (1) slap fight with bagel (1) had to leave Shaw's (1) cake boxes are hard to do (1) what the hell good is a bagel in a cake box without cream cheese anyway (1) solid relationship (1) EVERYONE IS DOIN IT WITH EVERYONE (1) sailor jerry (1) someone who doesn't understand the basics of grammar and spelling (1) you are just the worst kind of person (1) HOW TO FOOTBALLGAME? (1) I couldn't find the football game so I fucked this guy instead (1) boyfriendd (1) super troopers are my role models (1) maple syrup (1) chugging things that should not be chugged (1) a very good looking WHAT? (1) did she still want to go back to your place? (1) There is not enough liquor and therapy in the world to undo that. (1) your grandma her brother? (1) accidentally a gay orgy (1) reacharound (1) THATS WHAT THE FUCK WHY IS THIS WHAT (1) WHY ARE YOU THAT MAD AT HIM (1) vagina was on fire (1) Y U NO WASH HANDS (1) Signator hereby relinquishes rights to complain about vagina pain (1) ribs are for squares anyway (1) it's only gay if you finish in your own mouth (1) THATS KIND OF GROSS I THINK (1) autofellacio (1) THE COPS FORGOT TO TAKE MY CELL PHONE (1) stop lying to us (1) ...what the fuck. (1) Jalapeno on a stick (1) GUYS NOTE (1) I appreciate you getting back to us but OW (1) the truth hurts (1) whatever she was fat anyway (1) none of this makes sense (1) but i did wow (1) GROSS SHOES BRO (1) all hell broke loose (1) shart? (1) i hope you pooped yourself (1) IT WASNT ME I SWEAR (1) FUCK YOU SNEEZES (1) champagne (1) waiters (1) SO MANY POSITIVES AND NEGATIVES (1) I squirted all over her boobs (1) non-stop self love (1) WHY ARE THERE PUBES ON YOUR EVERYTHING (1) THAT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA (1) i think you're dying (1) that's why you don't spill chemicals (1) carol never wore her safety goggles... now she doesn't have to (1) hair falling out (1) GRANDMA I TOLD YOU NOT TO GET ME SHITFACED ANYMORE (1) blind grandma makes cookies (1) what the fuck does the drug test have to do with anything? (1) yeah this totally both makes sense AND happened (1) maceed for no reson (1) giting (1) runing (1) you really don't have to censor the word shit (1) your friend doesn't know what state you live in (1) head hurt like fuck (1) hitting on old nurses (1) sitches (1) I think I just might be able to piece together what happened. just maybe. (1) the bathroom floor is the traditional sleeping place for cousins at the wedding (1) winning the wedding (1) ass-end of society (1) clearly nothing on this entire site is funny (1) at least you paid me for the app (1) fucking everything in sight (1) I HEARD WHAT YOU SAID (1) doin' it with the wrong half of a relationship (1) open relationships aren't actual things (1) making discoveries with mouth (1) she clearly can't be that smart (1) doin' it with math teacher (1) learning (1) drunk at 7 am (1) yikes! (1) nude yikes! (1) getting some extra tutoring (1) do you even have parents (1) i love drunk submissions (1) I ARE DOES SPELL OF GOOD (1) KING OF PRANKS (1) he really is the king of pranks (1) taco bell -- always a bad decision (1) THAT IS HOW YOU GET ANTS (1) nacho cheeeeese (1) that's why you shouldn't have sharp objects (1) knife in foot... (1) OKAY HERE YOU GO (1) we want royalties for this (1) YOU'RE PUBLISHED NOW (1) molly (1) WHAT A TERRIBLE PROBLEM I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOU (1) riding the trike (1) doin' it with 2 girls (1) you probably do have a std (1) your ex is a bitch anyway (1) that's racist (1) I FUCKING LOVE BEING WHITE (1) 0% of this is true (1) man i wish this was true (1) NO CUS YOU SAID PENIS A LOT AND WE DON'T LIKE THAT (1) well pope likes that but IRRELEVANT (1) did someone actually do this? (1) what the hell is wrong with you (1) CHALLENGE ACCEPTED (1) oh shit its ur mom (1) doin; it with mouth (1) doin' it with mouth while driving (1) THATS FUCKING DANGEROUS (1) whyyyyyyyyyyyy (1) moms doin' it (1) your mom gets more sex than you (1) is that even legal (1) only in canada (1) i somehow avoided this (1) WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT (1) yep you're done (1) STOP BANGING A BUNCH OF DUDES (1) are you still on shrooms!!!? (1) SPENCERS GIFTS (1) OOH LOOK DILDOS HAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHA HA HA (1) well that seems like a good idea (1) WHY SO MUCH DRUGS (1) DID I POOP? MAYBE? DID I? (1) WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY (1) oh god pms (1) accidentally a gay porn (1) are your parents gay? (1) WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE (1) i think looking like a dork is the least of your worries (1) awkwaaaaaaard (1) it;s funny cus it didn't happen to me (1) porno on full blast (1) so what'd you say? (1) doin' it with people dating other people (1) scumbag steve (1) WHOEVER SAW THAT COMING (1) yes.. yes you are. (1) I'm pretty sure that's not a thing (1) meh mouth (1) THEN WHO WAS KETCHUP? (1) no u (1) umad bro? (1) totally rational argument (1) I'll comment on this later (1) the w isnt capitalized (1) lol wtf (1) CANT. STOP. THE LOLS. (1) no fucking clue what this was supposed to be about (1) getting yelled at by a big black lady (1) no really what the hell are you talking about (1) doin' it with pillow (1) 13 yr old female virgin (1) MOM NO DON'T COME IN (1) the best part is that it was her mom's pillow (1) getting caught (1) school for naughty girls (1) sounds like a porno (1) shut up Hitler (1) girls doin' it with girls (1) did you think watching a documentary meant you were going to war? (1) 14 year old with moves (1) porn like lesbian makeout scene (1) doin' it with self without visual aids (1) did they think that was like a punishment for you? (1) $100k is an awful lot to spend on hookers (1) THIS IS BARELY ENGLISH (1) SKITTLES TASTE MY RAINBOW (1) doin' it with sister watching (1) glass up my ass (1) how to get lead poisoning (1) how do you really know the coma ended? this could all be a dream (1) slight coma (1) baseball bat wins (1) SUDDENLY A HANDJOB! (1) I'm not entirely sure I understand the rules of this game (1) hide and seek? more like hide and handjob (1) peeing like a lady (1) your dick got stabbed (1) WHAT WAS THE TATTOO OF? (1) i actually lol'ed reading this (1) whaaaaaaat (1) that is weird (1) the opposite of firing blanks (1) CMONDON (1) those kids are fucked (1) suck it bitch (1) ALL THE BOOZE (1) jaeger (1) random fat chick (1) maybe it was the fat chick that did it (1) upside down in passenger seat (1) YOU INVISIBLE BITCH HOW COULD YOU (1) yeah this is totally believable (1) HAITI HERE I COME ALSO IM NAKED (1) bars in Orlando are famous for this (1) yeah the TSA is a bitch huh (1) leg hair is overrated (1) i can jump higher than you (1) well obviously its the biggest if it's the first one you've seen (1) you're weird (1) mudding? what the fuck is that? (1) WHERE'S SCOOBY (1) i think this is a how i met your mother reference (1) CARTOONS FUCK YEAH (1) touche rum (1) limos are dangerous (1) FUCK YOU WHISKEY (1) it wasn't rum dude (1) HELLO SIR WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUY MY JIZZ (1) YOU HAVE SO MANY CHILDREN (1) no parents don't have sex (1) WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (1) THEY WERE MAKING YOU A BROTHER (1) TOO DRUNK TO DRIVE (1) lol gay husband (1) you married a homo (1) not that there's anything wrong with that (1) your husband and you can talk about boys together (1) you showed him whats up (1) WAS HE ALSO A STATUE? (1) oh fuck we're all gonna die (1) OWWWWWWWWWWWW (1) WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP DOING THIS (1) really? it took you that long to figure it out (1) white trash (1) being from the south (1) he peed on your present (1) TAKE THAT GUITAR (1) outdoor urinal? isn't that redundant? (1) bein' too poor to afford your own birth control (1) parents don't have sex (1) i only posted this cus of the word wazoozle (1) out the wazoozle (1) fucking hipsters...no literally (1) sexually transmited douchery (1) I was fucking that hipster before you but now it's too mainstream (1) ...what...the...fuck... (1) down at the old glory hole (1) at what point does any of that ever seem like a great idea? (1) your family sure loves its own cousins (1) please do not ever do any of the things posted here...well unless you tell us about it after (1) WELL WHERE THE FUCK ELSE WOULD THEY HANG OUT (1) Never again (1) hey guys let's go wander around in the woods (1) doin' it with unintended genders (1) broadish shoulders (1) she's got a penis. (1) she's just like one of the guys (1) BAM. IT'S A DICK. (1) DON'T. FUCK. DICK-GIRLS. (1) what the fuck is an artsy thong (1) OH GOD WHAT IF YOUR NEPHEW GETS YOU PREGN-ah fuck it (1) ...I just threw up. Like a lot. (1) you probably should've slept with her current boyfriend if you wanted to get back at her (1) revenge is a dish best served slutty (1) doin' it with Mickey Rourke (1) accidentally a movie star (1) FUCKIN PROVE IT. (1) no seriously prove it I really want to know (1) well...yeah. (1) R Kelly (1) not actually getting to doin' it (1) clearly you impressed them with your passing out (1) you lose (1) sleeping is for the weak anyway (1) CANT SLEEP CLOWN'LL EAT ME (1) are you kidding me (1) did...you get raped? (1) what the fuck were you doing in a trunk (1) THIS SONG IS SO AMA- meh change it I don't care anymore (1) doin' it with soundwaves (1) how the fuck did you find that much gold in your backyard? (1) BOUNS RESULT (1) turned out not to be a poor decision at all (1) NO SERIOUSLY THATS FUCKING GROSS (1) rad boner? like radioactive? (1) this is the worst thing you'll see on the internet all day (1) lol u mad? (1) schedules are for bitches anyway (1) i don't need another pussy (1) you really put the BRAKES on that relationship HAHAHA OH WOW (1) nice guys don't know how to girls (1) that's how all great love stories start: got drunk and needed cpr (1) sed (1) awk (1) on a boat (1) IT WAS BOTH (1) but were the guys naked too? (1) maybe there was a mysterious third shooter (1) OH GOD IT WAS REAL (1) doin' it with unintended members of a religion (1) YEAH TAKE THAT DAD (1) fucken flu (1) science works in mysterious ways (1) bonerflu (1) your brother is very persuasive (1) career choices that will end well (1) namaste (1) LIKE THE BEAR?!? (1) SOMETHING of a hippie? I think it's a lot more than that (1) SPYCAM (1) yes and based on previous experience what could possibly go wrong with that? (1) SECRET LESBIAN (1) so...you don't like lesbians? (1) third grade relationships always last (1) DOUBLE BONUS (1) it's called BONUS RESULT dammit (1) best sex ever (1) ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTIONS (1) GODDAMMIT MOM NOT AGAIN (1) lesbos on the couch (1) yeah I totally believe every part of this and stuff. (1) do you usually shower with clothes on? (1) picz (1) when you say kid it just makes me think of like Shortround from Indiana Jones doing this (1) I NEED A POSTER NOW (1) jazzercising (1) the true tragedy here is that he forgot his poster (1) family (1) keepin' it classy (1) classy as fuck (1) NO FUCK YOU (1) i still love you (1) cwayne was gone blame pope (1) shemale huh? just the way you like 'em (1) if you don't think we're funny just... don't come here? (1) too bad for you we have an android app too (1) i wonder if the carpet matches her pubes (1) i actually lol'ed at this (1) GINGER IN THE HOUSE (1) whaaaat that is weird (1) chubby chaser (1) that's weird (1) who gets broken up with for being not fat? (1) fuck those guys (1) GREEN BEER (1) doin' it with the unintended gender (1) you're gay now (1) supportive older brother (1) HEY MA COME GET ME I ACCIDENTALLY GAYED (1) your dad's my hero (1) well it's less awkward to tell you that way? (1) THANKS FOR THE SIBLINGS PAPS (1) I NOW KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN (1) you're wasted clean your butt (1) why were you wearing a dress (1) this is weird (1) wasted (1) OH HI PARAMEDICS HOW ARE YOU (1) YEAH THAT'LL SHOW THOSE OTHER STORIES WHOS BOSS (1) well you kinda are (1) whore (1) doin; it (1) doin' it on a first date (1) explosives (1)